Lobby Bar – September 26: Taste Bud Wreckage, Hard Candy, Malleable Communications, and Subways to Nowhere

By Jeremy Del Nero on 26 September 2014
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The Lobby Bar – An Unashamedly Slapstick Weekly Summary of FBT News and Views

Home away from home. Christian Stampfer whisks us away on a virtual tour of the 181st Oktoberfest in Munich. Even though I’ve never been, the territory will seem familiar to a New Yorker – crowded and overpriced housing, millions of liters of alcohol served, and throngs of confused tourists. Just like home.

Flexible Data. Jonathan Spira camps out for 12 days to get a new iPhone 6 on launch and is ready to tell the world what he thinks of it. The sleek design of the new phones has given birth to a new first world problem, as well as a new TV show – Apple: The Last Phonebender.

Flavor mixing. Paul Riegler flies out of Rome in Alitalia’s Ottima Business Class. Although it was a short flight to Munich, the proud Italian chefs on board insisted on serving a full five-course meal; however, in interest of time, all courses were served on the same tray at the same time. If you want to know what Alfredo Tiramisu tastes like, shoot Paul an e-mail.

Biofuel Bonanza. Southwest’s aircraft are excited to start drinking liquid trees for breakfast. It’s not yet known what the new food will do to the aircraft’s digestive system, but we know how high fiber diets typically end up.

Sweet suites. Henry Feintuch crashes at the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus in Turkey. Despite its sounding very similar to Phosphorus, the hotel is not made out of a poisonous, combustible metal. Instead, as if to counteract this troubled picture, the hotel architects built the place out of gumdrops, a surprisingly resilient material.

New Yorkalulu. JetBlue decided it was fed up with the current map of the world, and drew its own. Aside from displaying the most popular air travel routes, the map also moved Hawaii just south of Coney Island. The MTA plans to extend A train service to Maui.

It’s my life. JetBlue’s Wi-Fi has officially played host to one million devices, and in celebration, the airline gifted one million TrueBlue points to passengers on board the record-breaking flight. After redrawing the map, JetBlue figures it can do whatever it wants.

Now without duty. An American Airlines flight attendant contract seeks to significantly increase pay in 2015. That is, they won’t be making the $3.90 per hour that a number of JFK skycaps, who now make much more working at duty-free shops at the airport, were allegedly being paid.

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