Lobby Bar – August 8: Kind Pandas, Proud Mountains, Naughty Tweets, and Apocalypse Food

By Jeremy Del Nero on 8 August 2014
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The Lobby Bar – A Rather Silly Summary Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

Please leave a message.  Jonathan Spira recounts a recent 40-minute Delta flight from Washington to New York, which was delayed for nearly three hours.  Despite his multiple attempts to contact Jesse, he couldn’t reach him for access to his time traveling machine.

Boy slang.  Join us for a ride in a BMW 535d to Bear Mountain.  Next week, we’ll be driving to the taller and leaner, less woodsy Twink Mountain.

Blessed by Apollo.  Karin Sun stays at the Warwick Hotel in San Francisco, where the sun shines indoors.  While the natural light bothers some guests – “we cannot turn off the sun,” the hotel staff tells its mid-day nappers – it saves the establishment millions on electricity.

Panda-man.  The Ritz-Carlton Chengdu caters to a certain panda-like demographic, offering a slow-moving and relaxed hospitality setting.  Now we know where Cro stays during his trips to Chengdu.

Ouch.   Take a dip in Lake Geneva (the water’s warm) and check out the surrounding hamlets.  The lovely Swiss landscape offers much, from the cafe district of Vieille Ville to the Ouchy neighborhood, which sounds dangerous and off-putting at first, but really offers some spectacular paper cuts – I mean – views of the lake.

Tweeterriffic.  American Airlines is changing things up on its in-flight menus.  The airline is considering putting an end to serving warm nuts following a growing number of inappropriately raunchy tweets from teenaged flyers with immature senses of humor.

Magical fruit.  Due to the recent Ebola outbreak, a number of airlines are prudently canceling flights to Africa.  It isn’t quite the zombie apocalypse that many have expected, but that hasn’t stopped the average Joe from stocking up on canned beans and Twinkies.

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