Lobby Bar – August 22: Mile Low Club, Bat Man Mingles, and Driving Across the Atlantic

By Jeremy Del Nero on 22 August 2014
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The Lobby Bar – A Deliciously Facetious Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

Poor parenting. Jesse Sokolow takes us on a tour of the Twin Cities from his childhood. While any good parent doesn’t play favorites, Jesse clearly prefers one of the twins over the other. It’s okay, Paul, just don’t tell Minnie.

Stranded no more. Find out how Volkswagen’s 2015 e-Golf fares on the road. Not to worry: if you happen to run out of battery power within 100 miles of your house, a high-level VW exec will come and rescue you with a company rickshaw.

Fill ‘er up with salt water. Jonathan Spira is your encyclopedia for European Delivery programs – an exciting way to acquire a brand new auto from across the pond. Driving it home should only take about eight days, but it was unclear as to whether automakers would offer rickshaw service if drivers were to run out of fuel during the crossing.

The extra mile. Some airports go beyond lounges and restaurants to offer some true luxuries, including yoga, golfing, ice skating, and skinny dipping with the pilot of your next flight. If the pilot likes what he sees, you may be invited to spend some time in the cockpit later.

Security Bonus. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the TSA is a part of every business traveler’s life, and our latest poll seeks to learn how effectively you think the TSA is protecting our skies. One caveat: “Not enough pat-downs” is not an option on the poll, sorry.

One of us. The secretary of state decided to join the rest of the world in a commercial aircraft this week after his private bat-plane was taken out of service for repairs. Luckily, Bat Air accepts United’s MileagePlus frequent flyer miles.

The Houston Hillbillies. SAS’ cabin crew ran into some difficulty in understanding local dialects when a family from the United States asked them to “rustle up some vittles” during the carrier’s new Houston-Stavanger flight. Pandemonium broke out when one of the family members, whom the others referred to as “Granny,” took a cauldron out of the overhead bin and started cooking mustard greens with possum fat.

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