Hong Kong-Taipei, Dublin-London, and Jakarta-Singapore World’s Busiest International Routes in 2013

San Francisco-Los Angeles, New York-Miami, and New York-L.A. Lead in the U.S.

By Paul Riegler on 19 August 2014
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En route from New York to Los Angeles, the nation's third-busiest route

En route from New York to Los Angeles, the nation’s third-busiest route

The three busiest international routes in 2013 were Hong Kong-Taipei, Dublin-London, and Jakarta-Singapore, according to statistics published by the International Air Transport Association, while Jeju-Seoul, Sapporo-Tokyo, and Fukuoka-Tokyo were the most popular domestic ones.

Last year, 4.9 million people traveled between Hong Kong and Taipei, although that figure was down 11.5% from 2012.  Meanwhile, 3.6 million passengers flew between the capital cities of Dublin and London, while the Jakarta-Singapore route carried 3.4 million people, and the popular New York-London route saw only 2.7 million passengers in 2013.

For domestic routes, the top three were Jeju-Seoul with 9.58 million (making it the most traveled route in the world), Sapporo-Tokyo with 9.17 million, and Fukuoka-Tokyo, with 8.34 million.

Within the United States, the busiest routes were from San Francisco to Los Angeles, with 7.7 million passengers, New York to Miami with 5.8 million, and New York to Los Angeles, with 4.5 million.

On the European front, the busiest routes were Dublin-London with 3.6 million passengers, Amsterdam-London with 2.7 million, and London-Milan with 2.1 million.

The figures reflect passenger volume based on the origin and destination of passenger itineraries, which could include connecting flights.  Cities that have more than one airport are combined in the IATA figures.

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