6 Travel and Packing Tips for Late Summer Trips

FBT’s Experts Share Strategies for Smarter Travel

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Departures at New York’s Pennsylvania Station

4.) Consider Plans for Expansion

FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira has an expandable Tumi 22” roll aboard which he can check if his bag gets filled, but all of us carry what we refer to as “overflow bags” when travelling. This is a small, 18×18 nylon bag with a zipper and hard bottom that folds completely flat, thus taking up no precious space in your bag. It’s useful when one ends up with purchased items or gifts at the end of a trip. If need be, simply check your roll aboard and carry the overflow bag onto the plane as your carry-on.

5.) Do a Clothing Exchange Mid-Trip

Sending a box of clean clothes to a hotel in the middle of a long trip is standard practice at FBT. Typically two pounds or less, the box is addressed to me at my hotel and usually waiting for me in the room when I arrive. Using an enclosed return label, I mail my laundry back home and end up without having to carry a lot more with me or pay for a hotel’s laundry services. We use Priority Mail from the post office and the total cost of shipping is usually no more than $15 round-trip.

6.) Peel the Onion

Your mother told you this when you were a child and her advice, updated for travel, still makes sense. Plan to dress in layers and pack your bag accordingly. This will give you ultimate flexibility in dealing with different climates and unexpected changes in weather.

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Renting a car at Munich Airport

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