Even Hotel Rockville, Maryland – Review

New Wellness-Focused Brand Pushes Guests to be Healthy

An Even Hotels property in Rockville, Maryland

By Jonathan Spira on 30 July 2014
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If someone had told me a few weeks ago that I would be on a mat on a sidewalk of a busy street doing yoga, I would have thought that person a bit odd.  Yet, there I was, on a yoga mat, outside the brand new Even Hotel in Rockville, Maryland, participating in my first-ever class.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Allow me to first describe the hotel.

What we have here is a mid-sized boutique hotel where each room has a private mini gym/workout area.  Staff actively promote wellness, the general manager and others lead a sunrise run in the morning for guests, and instead of a ribbon cutting, the hotel rolled out a giant yoga welcome mat on opening day.  Think boutique meets spa and you’ll have the concept down.  All of the food is healthy (think “kale” among other items) and even the luscious desserts at dinner don’t exceed 400 calories.  This may all sound pricey, but it’s masquerading as a mid-tier hotel that will fit your budget.

Even staff rolling out the ceremonial yoga welcome mat at the hotel's grand opening

Even staff rolling out the ceremonial yoga welcome mat at the hotel’s grand opening

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a Keep Active Host (everyone has great job titles here, the hotel’s general manager is the Chief Wellness Officer and restaurant staff get the Eat Well Host moniker) at the welcome island (there’s no front desk) and was offered a choice of several fruit-infused waters.  I was then given a smart bracelet that acts as a key, both providing access to the room, and allowing guests to charge items to the room’s account.


En route to my room, 546. I quickly realized that no odd-numbered rooms existed at the Even Hotel, before arriving at my door and using the bracelet on my wrist to unlock it.

It immediately became apparent that the room itself was unusual.  Half of it, from the entryway through the workout area, had elegant cork flooring.  The “bedroom” area used carpet squares and, as I was subsequently informed, is more environmentally friendly than traditional carpet, since individual squares may be replaced when necessary.

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