KLM World Business Class Flight 643 Amsterdam-New York – Review

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DSC_0839Despite the fact that air travel is commonplace, many passengers continue to have difficulty with the boarding process and understanding when it is their turn to board.  This often leads to a crush of coach passengers blocking the gate when first- and business-class passengers are trying to board and have led to the use of the derisive term “gate lice” in some circles.

The KLM method does away with the problem and makes for a smoother boarding process in which hundreds of passengers are boarding one of the world’s largest planes.

Thanks to Dutch efficiency here, I was one of the first passengers on the plane and headed to my seat, 1K, in the front row of the 747’s nose.


Seats in KLM World Business Class both on the lower deck and the upper deck are in a 2-2 configuration with the exception of the last row of business on the lower deck, which is 2-2-2.  The seats are of the recliner variety and extend to 74.8 inches with a recline of 175°.  Pitch is 60” and each seat is 20” wide.  My seat had a bit more in terms of seat pitch and greater privacy thanks to the curvature of the plane in the nose.


Window seats on the upper deck have individual lockers that provide for extra storage space; on the lower deck, there were several large closets ahead of the front row that passengers can utilize.

While there are no privacy screens between seats, each seat does have a hood (which seems to protect the top of your head) as well as a massage button.

My seat was extremely comfortable for the daytime flight but the bed setting (which puts it into almost-flat mode) didn’t work very well and it took two crewmembers about 15 minutes to get it to cooperate.  Once I was able to stretch out, I found the seat quite comfortable but it does pale in comparison to the modern lie-flat seats that most carriers offer and that KLM is in the process of installing on some of its planes at this time.

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