Lobby Bar – April 18: Elysian Fields, Israeli Chocolates, and the Curse of the Gypsy

By Daniel Berg on 18 April 2014
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The Lobby Bar – An Irreverent Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

The pearly gates. Jonathan Spira tries to visit the AA Flagship Lounge at LAX. He is finally able to gain entry after battling a Minotaur, solving the Sphinx’s riddle, and proving his virtue to Saint Peter by finding the Holy Grail.

Goldthrottle. Editorial team members Paul Riegler, Jeremy del Nero, and Daniel Berg go to the New York International Auto Show but accidentally use Jesse’s time machine to get there. The team did, however, get a scoop on the new car, introduced by the eccentric British aristocrat Count Zborowski, and scheduled to make its debut in the next James Bond movie, reportedly starring Dick Van Dyke.

The buck stops here. Jesse Sokolow took a trip to our nation’s capital to check out the Hotel Palomar DC. At the check-in desk, he was tapped to manage 2016 presidential hopeful Frank Underwood’s campaign while they were served hot chocolate by Max Brenner – or was it James Carville?

New Shimmer.  VW introduced the Golf SportWagen TDI concept at the New York International Auto Show.  Meanwhile, owners of the Jetta SportWagen said it is both a dessert topping and a floor wax.

Bluebeard’s castle. Jonathan Spira stops by the Hotel River Park in Bratislava. After Jonathan ignores the concierge’s warning not to enter the seven locked doors in his suite, an old Gypsy woman places a curse on him – now, he’s destined to be hounded by a pack of demonic TSA agents for all eternity.

Twitter twit. Paul Riegler reports on the travails of a 14-year-old girl who was arrested by Dutch authorities after sending an ill-conceived tweet to American Airlines. She may yet get an opportunity to test firsthand the sartorial rumor that orange is the new black.

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