KLM Europe Business Class Geneva-Amsterdam Flight 1928 – Review

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The author's seat, 3A

The author’s seat, 3A


KLM’s Boeing 737-800 aircraft are configured with five rows of Europe Busines business-class seats in what effectively results in a 2-2 configuration.  The seats are the same as in coach although the middle one is blocked for additional comfort.  Seats are 17” wide with a seat pitch of 33”.  Coach seats are pitched at 30”.  All business-class seats had an electrical outlet.

For the two-hour flight, I found my seat, 3A, to be quite comfortable although I could have used a pillow for additional cervical support. In-flight Internet has yet to come to intra-European flights.


Upon boarding the aircraft, I was warmly welcomed by the two flight attendants working the forward cabin.  The greeting felt genuine and was consistent with past experiences I have had with KLM cabin crews.


Prior to pushing back, one of the flight attendants offered newspapers with a choice of Le Monde, the International New York Times (née International Herald Tribune), and the Financial Times, among others.  Much to my disappointment, no pre-departure beverages were offered.

We pushed back a few minutes early and taxied to the runway where we took off with no delay and no traffic ahead of us.

Shortly after reaching cruising altitude, both flight attendants were in the aisle preparing to serve lunch, which was quite a treat.

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