Unions Representing American, US Air Flight Attendants Reach Accord

By Jeremy Del Nero on 27 January 2014
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An American Airlines jet at JFK last week

An American Airlines jet at JFK last week

The two unions that represent pre-merger US Airways and American Airlines flight attendants struck an agreement with new American management for a joint contract last week.

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA currently represents the pre-merger US Airways workgroup, and the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, represents the pre-merger American Airlines group.

Under the agreement, pre-merger US Airways flight attendants will become APFA members.  In addition, in what the AFA termed “an unprecedented timetable in airline mergers,” all flight attendants at the combined carrier will be “reaping the merger’s benefits” by February 2015.

After the agreement has been ratified, the APFA will enter into negotiations on an expedited timeline and a new joint agreement should be in place within a year, according to a statement released by the AFA.

US Airways flight attendants will be leaving the largest flight attendant’s union in the world.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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