Omni Nashville – Hotel Review

By Jeremy Del Nero on 9 January 2014
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IMGP2091Do you recall, when you were a child, the excitement that accompanied the frenzied tearing of the gift-wrap on a present? I happened to have a similar experience when I stayed at the brand new Omni Nashville hotel; as though the wrap had just been taken off and it was all mine to enjoy.

Entering the expansive lobby, I felt small and humbled, and, as I often do in New York’s Grand Central Terminal , I paused for a moment to admire the spacious lobby before making my way to the reception desk. It was sparkling, although given that the hotel opened to the public less than two weeks earlier, this wasn’t exactly surprising.

The Omni Nashville is not a secret getaway from the city. At 21 stories, it’s a bold and striking addition to the skyline, and its location places guests in the middle of the action. Situated just ten minutes from Nashville International Airport, the hotel is also within walking distance of the downtown area – just two blocks from Broadway.

Checking in was quick and I was in my room in a manner of minutes.


There’s something to be said for walking into a hotel room and feeling that you’ve just arrived home. My initial impression was one of familiarity punctuated by comfort; when I opened the door I was met with warm lighting, soothing music, and a personalized message on the large HDTV screen welcoming me to the Omni Nashville. For a hotel with 800 rooms, my entrance was far more personal than I had anticipated, and I briefly forgot that I was surrounded by 799 other rooms exactly the same.

The room was located on the ninth floor of the hotel with a large floor-to-ceiling window providing spectacular vistas of downtown Nashville, including the AT&T tower, locally known as “The Batman building” due to its two-pointed crown.

The king size bed was topped by four large pillows, and although I was sure not to need them all, I was determined to make good use of them (and succeeded after repositioning myself a few times). From the bed, I found it was convenient, with help of the pillows, to watch TV and later the twinkling cityscape as I fell asleep.

A small, not particularly comfortable or useful, L-shaped couch was located in the far corner. With most of the bed real estate going to waste, I’d just as soon offer up half of my king size than let a guest perch on the sofa.

The marble and tile clad bathroom, although it did not have separate shower and bath areas, was well laid out and provided ample counter space. The rainfall showerhead in the oversized bathing space was a pleasure to use.

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