Lobby Bar – December 6: Laptops With Wheels, a Quiet Investment, Airline Babies, and Traversing the Nation on Skis

By Jeremy Del Nero on 6 December 2013
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

2013-11-27 20.07.40Unwritten rules.  Jeremy Del Nero (cheerio, Miss Sophie) ventures across London and recommends the best attractions, restaurants, and hotels.  I’d love to guide you across the city, just don’t make eye contact or try to talk with me on the tube.

Wheel-grippingly fast.  Jesse Sokolow gives the HP EliteBook 2170p laptop a test drive.  We regret using that language now, as Jesse was initially under the impression that he would be driving something, and sheepishly had to stow his driving gloves when the package arrived.  Honestly, I was more shocked to find that Jesse owns driving gloves in the first place.

Buy your earplug company stock today.  Our readers have spoken: an overwhelming majority voice opposition to in-flight mobile calls. Surprisingly, frequent flyers would prefer if you didn’t jabber away on your mobile phone while they’re trying to enjoy mini pretzels and a half hour nap.

Time-traveling culprit.  Join us in recounting great moments in travel history for the month of December.  We’re unsure why there were so many hotel fires in December, but we assume it has something to do with… Jesse, put those matches down!

The complications of marriage.  Jonathan Spira discusses the challenges faced by US Airways and American Airlines in their merger.  The wedding may be just a few days away (no gifts required), but then the two airlines will have to consolidate their belongings, finances, and values.  And you just know they plan on having kids, too ­– typical.

Wise words.  If you’re an Amex Platinum or Centurion cardmember, get ready to find a new way to access American and US Airways lounges.  Confucius did say that when one runway closes, another must open – we’re looking at you, Citibank.

Forced exercise.  Tis’ the season: another winter storm is ripping up runways in the Midwest and canceling hundreds of flights.  In other news, cross-country skis have sold out on Amazon and thousands of Americans are reversing the trend and rapidly losing weight as they trek across the nation.

Can you trump this?  The Supreme Court held a hearing this week on frequent flyer programs.   The Donald was there, and he was happier than ever to tell the plaintiff that, because he complained too much, “you’re fired.”

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