Virgin America: We’re Gonna Live it on up in the Sky

By Jeremy Del Nero on 8 November 2013
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A singer/dancer explaining the evacuation procedure

A singer/dancer explaining the evacuation procedure

Say the words “safety video” to a frequent flyer and most will think of a boring recitation on how to fasten a seatbelt.  Many airlines are investing heavily to make their videos more interesting, with the hope that more passengers will watch them, and the most recent entrant on the “interesting safety video” scene is Virgin America’s new safety video, which features entertaining song and dance routines as opposed to a monotonous drawl reminiscent of Ferris Buhler’s economics teacher.

The video, dubbed VX Safety Dance, was directed by film director Jon M. Chu and stars performers from American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.  Throughout the video, the performers lyrically communicate all of the necessary safety demonstrations and guidelines, but incorporate them seamlessly into their routines.

The five-minute video wastes no time in jumping right into the action.  In a wide-open hangar outfitted with aircraft seats, flight attendants begin wheeling carry-on suitcases down the aisle, singing a catchy doo-wop pop tune, and an enthusiastic, high-energy singer/dancer reminiscent of Ne-yo begins outlining the primary safety measures.

Several genres make their way into the safety routine, including a Nikki Minaj-esque female rapper who illustrates the proper way to put on an oxygen mask, a Beyonce/Shakira hybrid who leads a dance routine outlining the evacuation procedure, and an electronic robot dance demonstrating the life vest technicalities.

In a particularly humorous segment of the video, an afro-equipped boy resembling Will Smith’s son Jayden Smith uses an unrealistically deep voice to communicate the non-smoking regulations on the aircraft.

After a final cabin check reminder, the whole cast of passengers, singers, rappers, dancers, flight attendants, and robots conclude the video with a montage of impressive free-for-all dancing and two final versus of the chorus.

“Tonight, get ready to fly.
Cuz we’re gonna live it on up in the sky.
Virgin America knows all the places you wanna be.
Fly away with me, fly away with me, yeah!”

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