Lobby Bar – November 8: Planestagrams, Stratospheric Mobile Connectivity, Campfire Stories, and Silent Parties in Dublin

By Jeremy Del Nero on 8 November 2013
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

DSC_0420Liquid passengers.  Find out what bugs frequent travelers the most about air travel.  For us, the biggest peeve is being seated next to that gentleman who’s overflowing his seat’s boundaries.  We’re looking at you, Henry VIII.

So long, ten minutes of social media silence.  Now that most airlines allow the use of small devices during taxi, takeoff, and landing, researchers are preparing to change the estimated cost of Information Overload that currently stands at $997 billion.  In other words, get ready for a new wave of snaps, vines, instagrams, and tweets documenting the miraculous takeoff of roughly 50,000 flights each and every day.

The new drinking contest.  Jonathan Spira cruises from New York to Philadelphia in the 2014 BMW 328d xDrive Sports Wagon.  At 42 miles per gallon, the wagon sips fuel slower than a Brit sips tea.

How much does peace and quiet cost?  Do you think passengers should be able to make phone calls during a flight? Polls show that, should passengers be granted this freedom, there will be a dramatic rise in the use of personal jets.

Surprise, your house is an airport!  In an odd turn of events, JetBlue announced service from Worcester, Massachusetts to two cities in Florida.  There’s an airport in Worcester?  Actually there isn’t, but having grown up in the area, JetBlue phoned me to ask about setting up a landing strip in my former yard.  Even though I no longer live there, I said yes.

The Irish know how to party.  Ramsey Qubein checks into the white tea-scented Westin Dublin in Ireland.  The hotel was equipped with many modern amenities, but Ramsey’s favorite feature was the excellent soundproofing; he seized the opportunity to throw a raging hotel party, and received not a single complaint from the neighbors.

Don’t move a muscle.  Virgin America revamped the airplane safety demonstration with a new video featuring song and dance routines.  As much as you may feel like it, you are not allowed to join in on the dance party.  In fact, you must remain strapped in your seat until you reach cruising altitude.

Making the most of a bad situation.  For the third time in six weeks, a Tesla Model S was destroyed by fire.  In other news, Tesla has announced that each new vehicle will come with a free bag of marshmallows plus individual skewers for each passenger.

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