Lobby Bar – October 25: A Touch From His Noodliness, Evaporating Finances, Ageing Editors, and Two’s a Crowd

By Jeremy Del Nero on 25 October 2013
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

DSC_0708Some restrictions apply.  Find out why Delta’s third-quarter profits may not bode well for the merger between American Airlines and US Airways.  At this point, the only thing that might bode well for the engaged airlines would be a heaping bowl of generosity from the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

An uninvited guest.  Congratulations to the winner of our previous “Where Are You” contest, Dr. Steven Proulx, who won a two-night stay at the Conrad New York.  Hey Steven, the prize is a two-night stay for two… so let me know if you have trouble filling that spot.

When I was your age… Jesse Sokolow explains why fuel prices are lower than they were a year ago.  Naturally, we’re all boasting to the youngsters that fuel used to be seventy-five cents a gallon last century.  Great, now we feel old.

Airplanes are people too.  Jonathan Spira was finally reunited with his LOT Polish Dreamliner, having failed to depart on its maiden voyage back in January.  The aircraft missed him too, as evidenced by the large pools of jet fuel around its engines – airplane tears.

What, it doesn’t sprout legs?  Jeremy Del Nero (aloha) hangs out with his new best friend, the Motorola Moto X smartphone.  The phone responds to a great range of commands, but, as I learned the hard way, “do the dishes” and “fold my laundry” stumped the stationary device.

Ask again, nicely.  It’s that time of year – If you live in the EU, make sure you turn your clocks back an hour.  If you are calling someone in the EU, try not to wake them up because the U.S. isn’t going off Daylight Saving Time for another week.

The power of FBT.  Paul Riegler has laid out some handy tips that should help you avoid long lines at the airport.  Of course, just mention the name of our publication to skip to the front of any line, and you’ll receive a coupon for a free teeth cleaning.

An arm, a leg, and Air.  Apple unveiled an updated iPad Mini and a brand new full-size iPad, dubbed iPad Air.  The Air is allegedly named after what’s left in your wallet when you leave the Apple store with the new tablet.

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