Air France Airbus A380 Flight 28 Business Class Paris-Washington, D.C. – Review

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Flight attendants on Air France offer an elegant service that operates with clockwork precision. Bildschirmfoto 2013-07-29 um 17.31The trolleys appeared regularly to deliver the meal courses and offer drink refills . Entrée choices included quail, hake fish, and a cheese-stuffed lasagna. I opted for the latter and was not disappointed.

Meal service was followed by a double-tiered, open cart packed with fresh fruit, sweet cakes and pastries, and small cups of fruit sorbet. Flight attendants cheerfully offered a selection of these plus after-dinner drinks.

Midflight, I decided to explore the upper deck and found the in flight bar, which had a basket of fresh fruit, chocolates, and drinks available for self service.


Two hours before landing, a tray of sandwiches was brought around along with fresh fruit and another round of drinks. On overnight flights, my preference is that the second service be done as late as possible before landing, but on this daytime flight the two hour before landing service was welcome.

Flight attendants were quite efficient in clearing the cabin for arrival. The landing would have been barely noticeable were it not for the tail-mounted camera that showed every detail of the soft touchdown. DSC_0805Taxiing was short, and as is customary at Dulles, passengers were loaded into people movers for a transfer to immigration and customs.


Connecting at Charles de Gaulle is not as frustrating as it had been thanks to terminal redesigns geared toward efficiency. There is no longer any need to re-clear security in Paris when arriving on a domestic flight and connecting to an international destination.

Air France offers a consistent and dependable product that is noticeably French. The cabins and staff exude elegance (flight attendants were meticulously coiffed and very polite) and I am looking forward to my next flight, which I hope will allow me to take advantage of the quick massage service during my connection.

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