Lobby Bar – April 26: Robert Frost, Presidential Voicemail, Free Breakfasts, and LOTS of News

By Jeremy Del Nero on 26 April 2013
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and ViewsDSC_1358

Boeing’s Dreamliner rollercoaster.  Jonathan Spira discusses the rocky history of the Dreamliner and its eventual road to recovery. Boeing mused on our headline and is responding with its own line of rollercoasters; a new method of transportation that guarantees the best of speedy travel and in-flight entertainment.  Kindly avoid heavy meals before uhhh flying.

The ultimate driving machine thanks you for choosing diesel. Jonathan Spira spends an intimate day with the new BMW 328d and compares the vehicle to its siblings.  He even got a thank-you from Mother Earth when he switched the Bimmer into EcoPro mode and got better mileage than most hybrids on the market.

All systems are go.  Last week, the FAA approved Boeing’s Dreamliner battery fix; now the agency has officially issued the “all clear” for the aircraft to take flight.  It’s a bird; it’s superman; no, wait… it’s the most unlikely scenario of all; the Dreamliner in the sky once again!

And Ramsey, he took the road less traveler by; and that has made all the difference. Ramsey Qubein stays in the Hôtel La Ferme in Quebec and enjoys the intersection of modern living and the secluded countryside. Robert Frost would feel right at home.

No such thing as a free lunch. What about breakfast? Our “Where Are You in Japan” photo trivia contest is in full swing.  Don’t miss out on your chance to win a two-night stay in Tokyo, complete with complimentary breakfast.

My fellow American, you have reached the voicemail box of Paul Riegler. American Airlines has added new milestones and rewards to its AAdvantage program.  Travelers who manage to accumulate 1,000,000 miles can choose to have President Barack Obama record their voicemail greeting.

Complete with virtual food options.  Jonathan Spira leads us on an in-depth virtual tour of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  Boeing once again caught on to our idea and began offering virtual flights on the Dreamliner through its website, where users can experience the thrill of sitting in a chair and using their computers for the low price of $50 per hour.

Plug it in, plug it in. Porsche announced the addition of a new plug-in hybrid to its Panamera lineup. It’s freshness with a spin; ah how we relish in the memories of those 2004 commercials.

We told you so. The sequester budget cuts and subsequent reduction in controller employees caused major delays across the nation this past week. Hoping to get their staff back, airline operators looked at the FAA with puppy dog eyes and scored a hearing.  Apparently, it worked.

Thanks a LOT.  LOT Polish Airlines announced the resumption of Dreamliner service in June; other carriers plan to have the aircraft up and running within the next few days.  We sincerely hope you’ve noticed a trend in this week’s news. If you haven’t, perhaps short-term memory loss, rather than Dreamliner news, should be your most pressing concern.

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