Senate Considers Measure to Overturn TSA Knife Policy

By Paul Riegler on 22 March 2013
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Security checkpoint at American's T8 at JFK

Security checkpoint at American’s T8 at JFK

Two U.S. Senators added a bipartisan amendment to the Senate budget resolution that would overturn a plan to allow small knives on commercial aircraft.

The measure was introduced by Senators Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat, and Lisa Murkowski, an Alaska Republican, and would direct congressional committees to adjust budget allocations to stop the TSA from implementing the new policy.

The TSA will start permitting passengers to carry small pocketknives on April 25, a move that harmonizes U.S. policy with the rest of the world’s.

The Schumer-Murkowski measure has to be approved by the full Senate and then reconciled with a separate measure passed by the House of Representatives.   The actual measure is non-binding: any such change in policy would have to be approved by both the Senate and the House in separate legislation and then signed by the President into law in order to go into effect.

The two senators said that allowing knives in passenger planes puts passengers and flight crews at risk.   “We can’t simply sit on our hands and allow TSA to enact this foolhardy plan to let knives back onto airplanes,” Schumer said in a prepared statement. “Knives are every bit as dangerous today as they were on September 11th.”

Flight attendant unions applauded the measure.  “The people on the front lines of aviation security know the abrupt policy change to allow knives in the cabin is a terrible move,” said the Association of Flight Attendants in a prepared statement.

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