Lobby Bar – March 29: Ramsey in the Sky with Diamonds, A Confused Dr. Strangelove, Swedish Salmon and Saffron, and $20 Million Dollar Desserts

By Jeremy Del Nero on 29 March 2013
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and ViewsDSC_1053

But I am a diamond guest. If the only flight your frequent flyer points will get you is at 5 a.m. on a Tuesday, chances are you won’t be feeling that diamond status, especially if there’s a booking fee. Do you even know who I am? Find out what bugged our readers the most about frequent flyer programs.

Is that the new BMW 328d or are you just happy to see me? Jonathan Spira burns rubber on his exclusive test drive of the BMW diesel. Check out our video review of the car that’s got every diesel enthusiast in a tizzy.

Brilliant, Watson! Ramsey Qubein soars through the transatlantic skies en route to London, enjoying United’s best. The gnocchi may have been undercooked, but find out why Janet made everything worthwhile.

I have so many people to thank! But let’s start with German automotive engineers. Over 1,000 voters from all across the globe voted for Volkswagen’s Passat as the best diesel car of 2013.

Oooh… shiny things. Jeremy Del Nero and Jonathan Spira waded through a sea of shiny new models. They happened to be standing next to shiny new cars. Find out why the best part of the show may have been salmon.

You can have your cake, but you can’t eat it. A bankruptcy court judge approved the merger between American Airlines and US Airways, but held the CEO’s $20 million severance money just out of reach. “No dessert until you finish your vegetables,” the judge declared.  Sources tell us that the judge has no intention of giving Horton the dessert he so desperately wants.

Toothbrush? Check. Portable iron? Check. Expedited travel? PreCheck. The TSA’s PreCheck system expands to several addition U.S. airports. Meanwhile, travelers everywhere are still forgetting their toothbrushes and portable irons at home.

Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here, this is the war room! Passengers are confused as American Airlines attempts to create a terminal at Dallas Fort/Worth that’s actually comfortable and easy to navigate. Dr. Strangelove declined to comment on the bizarre notion that airports should be pleasant.

Free concert tonight! Concert details: mandatory attendance. Concert will take place in the hotel room next to yours at approximately 2 a.m. There’s still time to vote for your biggest hotel pet peeves!

We are the ninety percent. Lufthansa plans on introducing premium economy seating on its aircraft, to account for as much as ten percent of the seating. Wall Street protestors are busy making new signs.

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