Lufthansa to Introduce Premium Economy

By Paul Riegler on 25 March 2013
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Lufthansa business class on a Boeing 747-8

Lufthansa business class on a Boeing 747-8

In an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Lufthansa’s CEO Christoph Franz said the carrier will begin to offer a separate premium economy section in its planes starting in 2014.  “We are introducing a fourth class now because our customers want it,” he said.

Lufthansa is already testing prototype seats and plans to dedicate as much as ten percent of the aircraft to the new section, which it will brand as Premium Economy.

Pricing has not yet been determined but will be closer to economy than to business.  Lufthansa has until now steadfastly refused to follow the footsteps of other carriers including its competitors in Europe, British Airways and Air France/KLM as well as Star Alliance partner United Airlines in offering a middle ground between economy and business class.

Having seen the prototype seats, Franz commented that “our customers will be happy” with the product.

Airlines outside the U.S. have typically treated premium economy as a business-class-like section, with seats that are significantly better than those in economy.  Airlines in the U.S. typically use the same seats as in economy, but with several inches more seat pitch and more recline.

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