Lobby Bar – February 1: Village People, Operatic Airline Mergers, and Shiny New Planes

By Jesse Sokolow on 1 February 2013
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and ViewsDSC_0864

Third time’s the charm.  Jonathan Spira didn’t have great luck with two recent new airplane launch flights.  See how he fares with American’s brand new Boeing 777-300ER.

Let the music play.  The AQ Audio SmartSpeaker lets you take your tunes with you.  Find out where Dan Collins takes his.

Zoom. Zoom. Zoom.   Paul Riegler spends a week with the Mazda CX-5 and isn’t bored.  Is there more to the story than meets the eye?

Shattered dreams.  Airlines are scrambling to make do without the now-grounded Boeing 787.  Find out what aircraft you’ll end up on.

The suite life.  JAL’s Boeing 777-300ER Sky Suite ups the ante for luxury travel.  Find out what’s bigger, plusher, and more luxe.

CEO for a day. What was Boeing’s biggest mistake with the Dreamliner?  Voice your opinion and see what other armchair CEOs think.

It isn’t over until the fat lady sings.  American and US Airways may yet try their luck at merging, even though US hasn’t completed its 2005 merger.  Jonathan Spira looks at what might happen next.

Fun in the sun? It never rains in Southern California but what about in New York and Atlanta?  Does Delta have an inside track on the weather there for its new outdoor Sky Decks?

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