Boeing 787 Dreamliner Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Virtual Tour

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8.) What is different in the air?

Cockpit of an ANA Dreamliner

Cockpit of an ANA Dreamliner

First, the Dreamliner is significantly quieter than other similarly-sized jets. Indeed, Boeing claims that the aircraft’s noise footprint is up to 60% lower, compared to previous-generation aircraft. The newly-found quiet is due to new engines, advanced acoustical linings, the lightweight composite materials, and a new, more aerodynamic wing.

Passengers should experience a smoother and more comfortable ride. Active flight stabilization is another major innovation introduced in the Dreamliner and it achieves a smoother flight experience by sensing and actively correcting turbulence-induced motion while in flight.

The new electrochromic window dimmers are another convenient technology.  The cabin crew could “close” all the electronic shades remotely and this is more than sufficient to darken the cabin to a comfortable level.  The windows themselves, although darkened, remain somewhat transparent, since one can still see through them.

The feeling one gets as a passenger is hard to describe but the overall spaciousness from increased headroom, larger windows, and better lighting, when combined with a far more comfortable environmental and better storage, represents a major improvement in air travel.

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