Delta Gets 22,000 Applications for 300 Flight Attendant Openings

By Paul Riegler on 23 December 2012
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Delta Terminal 3 at JFK

Delta Terminal 3 at JFK

Delta Air Lines, the second largest airline by passenger traffic, said it had received 22,000 applications for the 300 to 400 openings it has for flight attendant positions in the first week.

The new applications arrived quickly, on average at the rate of two per minute, said Richard Anderson, the airline’s CEO, in a recorded message to employees.  “We’re hunting for foreign-language speakers as we continue to expand to all points around the globe,” he added.  “We are experiencing a phenomenal response to the job posting.”

American Airlines, the number three airline in passenger traffic, recently announced 1,500 new positions and had to stop accepting applications after 20,000 arrived in a matter of days.  When US Airways announced plans to hire 420 flight attendants, 14,000 people applied.

The move coincides with Delta’s recent announcement to acquire 49% of Virgin Atlantic from Singapore Airlines as well as to develop Seattle into a hub for additional flights to Asia, including service to Tokyo’s Haneda airport and Shanghai.  It is also adding numerous transatlantic routes in 2013.


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