Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone Review And Test Report

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The standard SIM would not fit in the Galaxy S III but our corporate T-Mobile representative suggested that I go to the closest T-Mobile store and I would receive one at no charge. The store’s manager, Moshin Alvi, was more than pleased to help me move key information over from my old smartphone.

He was very knowledgeable about the phone and told me I should transfer my contacts using Bluetooth, something I hadn’t thought of. He then showed me how and, within a minute, all of my contacts were on the new device.

He pointed out the handwriting recognition feature and also mentioned a few other new functionality including SmartStay (tracks the user’s eye to see if the user is looking at the phone before dimming) and Motion (which changes an action contextually, such as converting a text message to a phone call when the phone is raised to the ear).


I encountered only one major problem, but it was a very annoying one at that: the security pattern repeatedly and all too frequently appears in the top right of the screen (instead of the center) with the result that half of the pattern is cut off. This made it impossible to drag the pattern to unlock the phone. Restarting the phone fixes the issue temporarily but that is a very large Band-Aid. T-Mobile tech support confirmed that Samsung lists this as a known issue and there is no resolution in place. A recent upgrade to the Android operating system has resulted in this happening much less often but it still does occur.


The Samsung Galaxy S III is a great phone, and will likely remain one of the best Android devices on the market for sometime. Its attractive, slim design makes up for the large size, and once you get used to the big, bright, and responsive display, it would be hard to downsize to a smaller phone.

Samsung introduced an array of new features with the Galaxy S III, which are now being added into the company’s lineup as it releases new devices. The Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Camera both ship with the new content sharing capabilities, and we can expect all new Samsung devices to follow suit. This means that many of the new features of the Galaxy S III will become more useful as they appear on more devices. Also, given Samsung’s investment in the flagship device from a marketing standpoint, it is reasonable to expect frequent updates to the Android operating system, a plus for buyers.

Those shopping for a new smartphone should feel confident when choosing the Samsung Galaxy S III. Even with new devices announced on what seems like a weekly basis, it will remain a high quality and top-tier Android phone for the foreseeable future.

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Jonathan Spira contributed to this review.

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