How to Prepare For the Halloween Frankenstorm

By Cody Burke on 26 October 2012
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Hurricane Sandy on Friday 26

The Frankenstorm is inexorably moving towards the East Coast of the United States, and it is worth taking some easy steps to prepare in advance of its arrival. Hurricane Sandy is expected to merge with a cold front as it approaches the coast, creating a deadly mix of wind, rain, and flooding.

If you are traveling, keep in mind that the storm is expected to make landfall somewhere between Washington D.C. and Boston on Tuesday the 30th.

The National Hurricane Center is warning that hurricane force winds are expected to hit areas of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states from Sunday through Wednesday.

To stay on top of the storm and be prepared, we recommend the following:

1.) Stay informed. Use social media as well as traditional television and radio news to stay on top of breaking developments.

2.) Make alternate travel plans. Avoid travel through the region if possible. If it can’t be avoided, build some extra time into your schedule to accommodate delays.

3.) Stay safe. Don’t take travel warnings or storm alerts lightly. Getting to your destination quickly is not worth talking unnecessary risks.

4.) If you live in the impacted area, stockpile some basic supplies. A battery powered radio, flashlights, candles, water, and nonperishable food items may come in handy in case of a power outage.

(Photo: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

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