Tea Tasting at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski, Munich – A GHA Local Experience

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The first flight of tea

We started with an overview of tea and Monsieur Belouet explained the equipment he uses, which includes samovars and special tea pots.  He explained how important it is to keep the pots and cups warm and pointed out the shelf inside the tea pot where the tea is placed.

He placed four teapots on their sides at his tea station, which also has a built-in warmer for the pots and cups, put in the right amount of tea in each, added water, returned the teapots to their normal upright position, and started timing the process with his sterling silver hourglass.

A few minutes later, he poured the four varieties of tea in the first flight, Nepa Gold, Superior Oolong, Ceylon Prime, and Golden Assam, through a strainer into four warm cups at my table.  I tasted each and made mental notes.  Monsieur Belouet then invited me to prepare the second flight, which was green tea.

Black teas including Nepa Gold and Golden Assam

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous because my prior extent of tea-preparing skills was not so elaborate. But, with his coaching, I managed to (more or less) duplicate his procedure.

Back at my table, I tried the four, White Yin Long, Silver Li Po, Morgantau, and Jasmin Tea, and decided that the White Yin Long was by far the frontrunner.

That was Monsieur Belouet’s signal to start my real afternoon tea, which consisted of a glass of sparkling wine and all of the traditional accompanies one associates with English afternoon tea, including homemade scones and pastries, clotted cream, strawberry jam, and (of course) delicate finger sandwiches.

I lingered in the lobby, chatting with Monsieur Belouet and enjoying the ambience and the tea.  It was the perfect afternoon.


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