Lobby Bar – September 21: Pilots Call In Sick, Charge Your Phone at the Gate, the French Evolution

By Dan Collins on 21 September 2012
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

American flights more delayed than before. Pilots taking sick days and retirement, along with “unscheduled maintenance” force the embattled airline to cut its schedule.

Jonathan Spira drives a Learjet: The 2013 Lincoln MKT EcoBoost.

Power shortage.  Delta finally realizes why so many people sit on the floor next to a power outlet at the gate, does something about it.

Keeping up with the Hollandes.  Air France refurbishing its long-haul first and business class cabins and overhauling the in-flight experience. Intra-EU and economy passengers get their cake too, with expedited status and better fares within Europe.

Missing summer already? Here is your last chance to win two tickets to South Africa, where summer is just ahead, on South African Airways in our contest.

Think all skyscrapers are filled with corner offices and cubicles? We stayed in an art-deco inspired hotel in one.

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