Hotel Pet Peeves – What Bugs You the Most in 2012

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Regardless of where it placed on the survey, there is little if any excuse for any of these pet peeves to present themselves in any hotel at any time.

Virtually all of the pet peeves discussed in this article really boil down to a failure of a basic function of a hotel: to provide travelers with a comfortable place where they can both work and sleep.

In the discussion in FlyerTalk, several other pet peeves which we hadn’t considered were raised.  FlyerTalk moderator Canarsie mentioned vermin and UAL1KLosAngeles commented on remote controls that look as if they belong in the CDC’s laboratory. (“Can’t they ever be cleaned?” he implored.)  Other challenges, from slippery marble floors in bathrooms to poor signage to elevators and lobbies, were also raised.

Someone from the outside looking in would wonder why it is so difficult to provide working Internet at a reasonable price, make climate controls as easily adjustable as those found at home, provide accessible electrical outlets in sufficient quantity (“one” is not a sufficient quantity), and ensure a peaceful, noisefree night’s sleep in a fully darkened room.

When business travelers encounter these problems today, they not only take the Frequent Business Traveler/FlyerTalk Hotel Pet Peeve survey but write about the problems in less than flattering reviews on hotel rating sites.

Last year, we told hotel managers they’re on notice.  This year, we’re telling them to spend a night or two in their own hotels and try to get a quiet night’s sleep while all of their devices are plugged into easily-accessible wall outlets.

Michael Acampora assisted in the preparation of this article


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