World Traveler of the Month – John Lopinto

By Eva Leonard on 24 May 2012
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Life-long Long Island resident John Lopinto describes how he has found the resourcefulness that growing up in New York engendered to be helpful when traveling, as he recounts a day trip to Agra, India from New Delhi, to see the Taj Mahal.

“The train we took into Agra was full of tourists, but it was late, so we missed our tour bus connection. It had to be 100 degrees that day, and no one knew what to do. There must have been 200 people stranded at the train station in Agra demanding a refund for their prepaid tour bus connection.”

Recognizing the futility of the other travelers’ efforts, Lopinto found a taxi driver and negotiated a day rate with the driver to take him and his colleagues around town, provided he could get them the tour bus ticket refund.

“I don’t know whom he knew, but in minutes, we had our refund, and were on our way. At the end of the day we discovered that our return train to New Delhi had been cancelled. Once again, I negotiated with our driver to make the 120-km (four-hour) drive back to our hotel in New Delhi.”

CEO and co-founder of Communications Specialities, a Long Island-based company that designs and manufactures fiber optic products for the broadcast and professional video industries worldwide, Lopinto graduated from Manhattan College in the Bronx as an electrical engineer, and spent the early part of his career working for CBS Television and HBO.  He is also co-founder of ExpertFlyer, a real-time air travel information service.

Lopinto typically flies out of JFK and LaGuardia airports, with regular routes from New York to such destinations as Las Vegas, Florida, Hawaii, Singapore, Hong Kong, and  capitals in Europe.

His airline of choice: American Airlines. “Since they rebuilt the AA terminal at JFK, it has been very convenient,” he says, also noting that he was one of the first members of AAdvantage when the frequent flyer program started 31 years ago.

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