Apple iPod touch Review

By Jonathan Spira on 19 October 2010
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Last year, I commented that Apple’s  iPod touch “may” defy categorization.  Now that I’ve had a chance to spend time using the fourth generation touch, I feel comfortable changing the “may” to a most emphatic “does.”  This is clearly the best iPod yet.

The newest Apple iPod touch is not only an ultra-portable mobile Web browser, a game console, and an MP3 music player, but it is also an HD camcorder, a video conferencing camera, and a phone (using Voice-over-IP when connected to WiFi). And let’s not overlook the gyroscope sensor.

All this comes in a thinner and lighter package, with the touch weighing only 101 g.

The new iPod touch includes iOS 4.1, which adds multitasking (missing from earlier versions), FaceTime video calling, folder support, and Game Center.

I used the video camera on several trips with excellent results.  Apple makes it very easy to share and post videos directly from the device.  The lens is placed so that there is little risk of holding one’s finger over it when in use. This is usually a problem with other portable devices.

FaceTime could be very useful for the business traveler.  Picking a contact with a compatible iPhone or new touch, allows one to see and hear the person called (and vice versa).  One can switch between the front and rear cameras and switch to voice-only mode.

Another new feature is the ability to rent TV shows directly from the iPod touch, for those who like to watch TV on the go.  Game Center allows users to play friends or find new opponents and share scores and achievements.

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