Virtual PBX

By David Goldes on 1 April 2008
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PBX stands for “private branch exchange” but you might think of it as your phone system.  For smaller organizations where many employees are constantly on the move, the logic of your main phone number being the one on your desk is lost.

Giving out your mobile phone number isn’t always the answer either.

Companies such as Virtual PBX offer a phone system-as-a-service.  This means calls can be routed to any employee regardless of location (anywhere in the world that there is a phone, for that matter).  Instead of a box (the PBX) in your office that connects to the PSTN (public switched telephone network), your phone system is hosted by Virtual PBX in a secure data center.

When a caller dials your number, one of several things can happen, depending on what options you’ve configured for your particular extension via an easy Web browser-based interface: your mobile phone might ring, your home office phone might ring, a phone in a hotel might ring, a phone in a remote office might ring.

One of the best features of the Virtual PBX service is its integrated conferencing.  Each phone user in your organization gets an individual conference bridge where calls can be hosted (up to 25 participants).   No scheduling is required, but for meetings that you do schedule,  just have the participants call your own company’s main number, dial a single digit code for conferences (such as “8”), and then dial your extension. No PIN is required. As the conference host, you don’t have to be at a specific place at a specific time: you can host the call from any phone.

Visit for more information.  Setup is as low as $25 and the monthly service fee starts at $9.99 for the SOHO offering.

–David M. Goldes is a Contributing Editor of Executive Road Warrior and President and Senior Analyst at Basex, a knowledge economy research firm.

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