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American Airlines Strategy for 2015 and Beyond: The World’s Biggest Airline Prepares for Takeoff

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American Airlines just completed a quarter in which it reported the “highest quarterly earnings that any commercial airline ever reported in a quarter.” The earnings, $1.9 billion, were the highest the airline itself ever had in a quarter in its entire history, not a total surprise given that American is now the world’s largest airline.
On a conference call on Friday, airline executives provided details on their plans for the remainder …

Delta and LaGuardia Slowly Recovering from Power Failure

Delta and LaGuardia Slowly Recovering from Power Failure

Workers at New York’s LaGuardia Airport accidentally cut an electrical cable, causing a power outage at the airport’s Terminal C early Friday morning.  The incident resulted in over a hundred flight cancellations and delays.
Delta Air Lines was most heavily impacted, as the airline was forced to cancel approximately 119 Delta mainline and Delta connection flights at the New York City airport as of 10:30 a.m. EDT.  The carrier said that …

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Lime disease. Paul Riegler discusses the final stages on the American Airlines and US Airways merger.  Despite the long-fought battle, when confronted with the ever-important question of how it will slice its limes, American and US Airways couldn’t handle the pressure and decided to dissolve both companies.
Empty pocketed. Jesse Sokolow wants to make sure you travel safely this summer, and …

Inside American Airlines’ Reservations System Merger


When American Airlines announced the date of the final US Airways flight last Friday, it represented the culmination of a long, hard-fought merger that beat the odds (and the anti-trust regulators at the Federal Trade Commission) and may go down in the history books as a model for the industry.
Since the two airlines merged at the end of 2013, they’ve had to consider multiple issues, some relatively mundane and some …

American Airlines Announces Date for Final US Airways Flight

American Airlines Announces Date for Final US Airways Flight

American Airlines announced the timing of the last US Airways flight on Friday as well as the planned shutdown date of that airline’s reservations system.
The airline’s swan song will be a red-eye: Flight 434, scheduled to leave San Francisco International Airport at 10:00 p.m. on October 16 and land at Philadelphia International Airport shortly after 6:00 a.m. the following day.
At that point, the US Airways name and website will be …

American Airlines Sees Increase in June Traffic

American Airlines Sees Increase in June Traffic

American Airlines Group announced operational results for June 2015.
Consolidated system traffic for the airline was 20.42 billion revenue passenger miles, or RPMs, up 2.8% from 19.88 billion in the same period last year.  Consolidated capacity was 23.93 billion available seat miles, or ASMs, a 2.4% increase from 23.38 billion last June.
The airline’s consolidated load factor was 85.4%, up 0.4 percentage points from 85% in June 2014.
The airline said it expects …

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Human catapult. Don’t miss our guide on what’s doing in the city of New Orleans.  It’s a common misconception that the city’s airport is named after the famed jazz singer; in fact, a man named Louis, with a pair of impossibly strong arms, stands outside the transportation hub and hurls travelers to their destinations.
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