T-Mobile to Offer Roaming in Cuba

T-Mobile to Offer Roaming in Cuba

T-Mobile announced it would offer its customers roaming service in Cuba. The mobile operator announced a roaming agreement with Empresa De Telecomunicaciones De Cuba, a Cuban telecommunications company on Monday.
Those with T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plan can call landlines and cellphones in Cuba from the United States for $0.60 per minute with the $15 monthly Stateside International Talk feature.
Simple Choice customers will also be able to use voice, text, and data …

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T-Mobile Announces ‘Holiday Gift’ of Unlimited Data

T-Mobile Announces ‘Holiday Gift’ of Unlimited Data

T-Mobile USA announced plans to give its customers, as well as those of its competitors, a series of gifts over the holiday season and said the first gift will be free unlimited high-speed data.
The self-styled Un-carrier will give all prepaid customers including business accounts on the Simple Choice plan as of November 23 three months of unlimited high-speed LTE data.
The company said it will give customers of AT&T, Sprint, and …

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Family Business. Tell us your 2016 travel plans in our annual business travel survey and for every response we receive, we’ll donate a piaster to the Take a Flight Foundation. *Disclaimer: Take a Flight (TAF) is a wholly owned subsidiary of parent company Del Nero Enterprise.
Mamma data. Did you give thanks to Hedy Lamarr for helping create the technology that …

T-Mobile Doubles Data Allowance and Makes Video Free

T-Mobile Doubles Data Allowance and Makes Video Free

T-Mobile USA announced several new enhancements for subscribers on its Simple Choice plans including free video streaming and double the amount of data offered to customers on data plans.
Starting Sunday, the new “Binge On” feature offers video from a variety of services including HBO, Hulu, Netflix, Showtime, and Sling TV that will not count against a customer’s high-speed data usage.
The self-proclaimed Un-Carrier is also doubling the amount of data available …

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Earlier this year, our readers chose T-Mobile USA as the “Best U.S. Mobile Phone Provider for Global Travel,” a sentiment that FBT staffers wholly agreed with as we’ve been T-Mobile customers for over a decade.
Most of the conventional wisdom about international travel with your phone is now obsolete, in many respects thanks to T-Mobile, and using a smartphone abroad – be it for voice calls, texting, or data – is …

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