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Restaurant Review: La Pulperia, New York City

Yorkville, a neighborhood in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, is something I associated largely with German and Austrian restaurants and shops and, to a lesser extent, Hungarian ones. Austrian and German cafes and establishments shut their doors as the neighborhood changed, replaced by high-rise residential complexes.
I was therefore not surprised to find a wonderful South American restaurant, La Pulperia, on Second Avenue there.
You won’t find something called Pulperia on the menu, …

What’s Doing on City Island in New York

City Island, more of a New England fishing village than a neighborhood within the borders of New York City, is a quaint and really small island [it’s only 1.5-mile (2.4-kilometer) long by .5-mile (.8-kilometer) wide] located at the extreme western end of the Long Island Sound.
The island was originally inhabited by Siwanoy Indians and first settled by Europeans in 1654. In 1761, it was purchased by Benjamin Palmer of New …

Restaurant Review: Mamo Brings Cannes to New York City

Celebrities flock to Mamo Le Michelangelo during the Cannes Film Festival for its Provençal/Italian cuisine, but now there’s a much closer option in New York City.
Located south of Grand St. on West Broadway, a parking spot right in front of Mamo was a good omen and things only improved from there.  The original Mamo was opened by Herve “Mamo” Mammoliti in 1992 and the New York version is helmed by …

How Did the Recent Terrorist Attack Impact Tourism in New York?

It happened in London, Nice, Munich, Brussels, Manchester, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, and other major cities.
Now it was New York’s turn in the crosshairs, a deadly attack in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday, where six of the eight individuals killed were visitors from other countries to a city that had experienced the worst terrorist attack in history on September 11, 2001, with a loss of life just under 3,000.
When the recent slew …

Lobby Bar – June 9: Portable Fireplaces, Bring Your Own Restaurant, and Why Muggles Hate the Theater

Lobby Bar – A Coin-Operated Summary of New and Views. Please Insert Coin Now.
Something missing. Join Jonathan Spira and Jeremy Del Nero at Upper Story, a restaurant by Charlie Palmer. Upper Story is a new concept: BYO restaurant. What started with us bringing our own coffee creamer and dessert and has since evolved into a full-fledged operation that requires dining guests to bring their own tables, chairs, and napkins as …

Restaurant Review: Upper Story by Charlie Palmer, New York City

The show windows that line the corridor on the ground floor of the Decoration and Design Building on Third Avenue in Manhattan tell the story: 18 floors filled with showrooms with furniture of all shapes and sizes for a wide variety of tastes. Upon entering you’d think you might even be in the wrong building. However, do proceed up to the 14th floor, where you’ll find Upper Story, a quiet, …

Ride-Sharing Now An Option in New York City’s Yellow Cabs

Ride-Sharing Now An Option in New York City’s Yellow Cabs

NEW YORK—Yellow cab riders in New York City will be able to share their taxis with a stranger starting Tuesday, receiving a discounted fare in return.
Two companies, Via, a car pool app, and Curb, a yellow-cab hailing app provider, have partnered with over 7,000 yellow cabs in the city to offer the service.
Users must register with one of the apps and will then be able to summon a shared taxi …