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Lobby Bar – July 31: Lime Disease, Neck Weights, Adopt-a-Guest, and Rewarding Beauticide


Lobby Bar – A Summary of FBT News and Views, Best Served Chilled
Clothe the masses. People have been wandering the streets, naked, unsure of what to wear this summer.  Have no fear: Paul Riegler has picked out a trendy new outfit just for you; you never have to be a confused naturist again (unless you’re into that).
Don’t be sour. American Airlines, now the world’s largest airline, gives us the inside …

What’s Doing in New York City in the Fall

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While the calendar may say July, autumn in New York City will soon be here. With the advent of autumn come new Broadway shows, museum exhibitions, and holiday activities, including the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which will entice many visitors to the metropolis.
With markedly cooler weather, (the fall season’s unofficial start is the day after Labor Day), the city will be far more hospitable to outdoor adventures and simply …

Lobby Bar – July 24: Hay-Powered Cars, Miss Sophie Finds a Friend, and Painlessly Frying Balls


Lobby Bar – A 100% Polyester Summary of FBT News and Views 
Sunny delight. Join Jeremy Dwyer–Lindgren around the world for some lovely photos of sunsets. The sunsets are quite nice, Jeremy, but there are airplanes photobombing nearly every picture!
When in Rome.  American Express’s new Centurion Lounge at LaGuardia has everything a traveler could want at an airport lounge, with minor exceptions.  Paul Riegler mistook the name to imply that he …

Uber Avoids Cap on Number of Its Vehicles in New York City

Uber Avoids Cap on Number of Its Vehicles in New York City

The planned cap on new Uber car-service vehicles in New York City will not materialize, the e-hailing service announced Wednesday.
Uber Technologies said it had struck a deal with New York City to avoid the cap, which would limit the company’s growth it what is considered to be the nation’s largest taxi and car service market.  New York City agreed to drop its plans to limit the number of vehicles the …

Penn Plates Food Festival – Restaurant Review

Arancini Bros. offered various types of fried balls

Sushi burrito? Fried risotto balls? Ice cream cookie sandwich? All these eclectic and delicious food options can be found at New York City’s Penn Plates Food Festival pop-up market, located at One Penn Plaza, adjacent to the Hotel Pennsylvania. Penn Plates will be open through November 15 of this year.
The market includes 14 establishments, and my dining companion, FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira, and I sampled dishes at six of …

Photo Essay: The Ballpark Experience

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Baseball has unquestionably been the national summer pastime in the United States for close to two centuries, and the first professional game for which admission was charged took place in July 1858 at the Fashion Race Course in Corona, New York, less than a mile from the site of Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets since 2009.
Citi Field is an intimate ballpark built next to the site …

New York City’s Taxi of Tomorrow Wins Court Approval

New York City’s Taxi of Tomorrow Wins Court Approval

The Nissan Taxi of Tomorrow received the green light late last week to become New York City’s standard taxi.
The state’s Court of Appeals ruled on Thursday that the city had had the authority to pick a specific model for the taxi, bringing a protracted legal battle over the vehicle, a Nissan NV200, to an end.
The ruling, which said that the city did not overstep its bounds by selecting a single model, …