Lobby Bar

Lobby Bar – October 19: Meet the Flintstones, Paging Dr. Emmet Brown, and ‘I’ll Take Fugitive Korean Air Executives for $200, Alex!’

Lobby Bar: Caveat Emptor Here and We Mean It
Cheech and Chong. Weed became legal in Canada on Wednesday. This happened in large part because the stoner-in-chief, Justin Trudeau, found out that Canada was, on a per capita basis, the sixth largest user of recreational marijuana. “Sixth? We’re only sixth?” he was heard to cry out upon assuming the office of prime minister.
“We’ll have a gay, old time.”  Virgin Atlantic is …

Lobby Bar – October 6: Star Trek, The Swingin’ 60s, and ‘I’ll Take Airport History for $200, Alex!’

Lobby Bar: The Airline With the Most Cancelled Flights
Catch me if you can.  The Pan Am Museum Foundation celebrated the opening of an exhibit on the Boeing 707, the aircraft that ushered in the jet age.  No. 1 Pan Am Fan and FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira was, of course, in attendance at the retro 60s gala, which included a dinner inspired by the first Pan Am 707 flight from …

Lobby Bar – September 28: Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Marty McFly, and ‘I’ll Take Bondage for $200, Alex!’

Lobby Bar – At 60 mph, the Loudest Noise Comes from the Electric Clock
All tied up and no place to go. Jonathan Spira attended a performance of the rather risqué and lascivious off-Broadway show “Kink Haüs,” an exuberant look at queer nightlife in Berlin. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been heard from since although several readers reported seeing him dancing to the song, “Nein Mann (ich will noch nicht gehen, ich will noch’n bisschen tanzen).”
Relax, …

Lobby Bar – September 14: Carpool Karaoke with the Beatles, Power Pokémon, and ‘I’ll Take Thurston Howell III for $500, Alex!’

Lobby Bar: Making Travel News Great Again
Gilligan! Jonathan Spira and a guest took a three-hour tour of City Island and ended up chartering a boat from Jack’s Bait & Tackle, skippered by a familiar looking character with a black skipper’s cap who went by the name of Jonas Grumby. They haven’t been heard from since.
No soup for you! Tired of serving as a punching bag for irate customers, customer service reps …

Lobby Bar – September 7: Theo in the House, Send in the Clowns and ‘I’ll Take Leonardo DiCaprio for $200, Alex!’

Lobby Bar: An Alliterative Alliance of Fact and Fiction
Falling light zone. Theatergoers at a recent performance, at the National Yiddish Theatre, of “Fiddler on the Roof” honoring the late and prolific actor Theodore Bikel – who played the role of Tevye more times than any other performer – were surprised when, in the middle of the performance, a few familiar organ chords were heard and an unnoticed but very large chandelier …

Lobby Bar: Stolen Planes, Kangaroos on the Dance Floor, and ‘I’ll Take Disgruntled Star Wars Robots for $200, Alex!’

Lobby Bar – What Happens in Lobby Bar Stays in Lobby Bar
Who got the keys? The theft of a commercial jet in Seattle had numerous media outlets wondering how the airline employee who stole the plane was able to get the key. Okay, people, listen up: airliners don’t require keys.
But are there any kangaroos there? Vienna, the capital of Austria, was named the world’s “most liveable” city by the Economist …

Lobby Bar: Horse Manure, Underage Workers, Rogue Engineers, and ‘I’ll Take German Sex Toys for $200, Alex!’

Lobby Bar – Fantastically Phantasmagorical
Duff your hat. Drivers and passengers alike were puzzled by new legislation in the Big Apple requiring Uber and Lyft drivers to wear caps. “It’s a return to civility, just like we had in the horse-and-buggy era,” said the city’s oldest resident, Mabel Clarence, who at 128, has a clear recollection of the transition from horse-drawn Hansom cabs to early electric- and gasoline-powered taxicabs in New …