Lobby Bar

Lobby Bar: Horse Manure, Underage Workers, Rogue Engineers, and ‘I’ll Take German Sex Toys for $200, Alex!’

Lobby Bar – Fantastically Phantasmagorical
Duff your hat. Drivers and passengers alike were puzzled by new legislation in the Big Apple requiring Uber and Lyft drivers to wear caps. “It’s a return to civility, just like we had in the horse-and-buggy era,” said the city’s oldest resident, Mabel Clarence, who at 128, has a clear recollection of the transition from horse-drawn Hansom cabs to early electric- and gasoline-powered taxicabs in New …

Lobby Bar: Early Retirement, Jaws, Sierra Madre, and ‘I’ll Take Broadway Shows for $200, Alex!’

Lobby Bar – It May Not Be Much, But It’s Ours
Shark Week. Smartphones are ruining vacations for many people as colleagues and customers now expect 24×7 availability. Since turning them off really isn’t an option, our experts came up with a list of “things you can do with your smartphone on vacation” including 1.) Feed it to a shark, 2.) Let a monkey take selfies with it, and 3.) Leave …

Lobby Bar – July 20: Rachel and Ross, Schadenfreude, HAL, and ‘I’ll Take New Airlines for $200, Alex!’

Lobby Bar – Making Travel News Great Again
We don’t need no stinkin’ airline. Serial airline entrepreneur David Neeleman is at it again, this time starting yet another new airline in the United States. There’s only one problem: In order to start operations, the existing carriers have to vote one of its own off the island.
Paging Gary Coleman. “Avenue Q,” the brilliant slacker musical, is celebrating 15 years by inviting original …

Lobby Bar – July 13: Space Odysseys, Gabor Sisters Camping, and ‘I’ll Take Stolen Vehicles for $100, Alex!’

Lobby Bar – It’s the Real Thing, Maybe.
Open the pod bay doors, HAL. InterContinental is adding artificial intelligence to some rooms at its hotels in China, giving guests the ability to push the limits of what they can do in their rooms simply by speaking a command. Although unrelated to the new technology, one recent guest by the name of Dave reported on social media that the system is refusing …

Lobby Bar – Trump’s Ocean, Fun on the Wing, and ‘I’ll Take Coke for $200, Alex’

Lobby Bar – The Epitome of Planned Obsolescence
Who’s next? The former Trump Ocean Club hotel in Panama City is being reflagged as a JW Marriott after a nasty spat last year between the hotel’s owner and the Trump Organization, which was managing the property.  I don’t think we need to add anything else.
Everybody hold hands. Air Canada is making it easier for families to have fun flying together.  The Canadian flag …

Lobby Bar – June 15: Clara Peller, Orson Welles, Three Stooges, and Rabbits Who Like Chocolate Milk

The band that stayed for dinner. “The Band’s Visit” swept the Tony Awards this week. Only problem is they are still stuck in Beit Hatikva and the show may be renamed “Groundhog Day: Israel” instead.
Nyuk. Nyuk. Nyuk. John F. Kennedy International Airport debuted its new Emergency Operations Center, which came about after multiple crises occurred during a winter storm. The new directors – Larry, Curly, and Moe – spoke at …

Lobby Bar – May 4: The World’s Longest Receipt, Long German Words for $100, and Hotels on Wheels

Lobby Bar – The Occasional Gift That Keeps on Giving
Pocket calls. Check into the San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront with Paul Riegler. The hotel is actually located on the tarmac and it needs to be wheeled off the runway for each takeoff and landing. The good news is that it shouldn’t cause any discomfort beyond a slight vibration that could be mistaken for an incoming call.
Hello? Let’s talk about the …