Lobby Bar

Lobby Bar – April 12: Nursery Rhymes, Mischievous Holidays, and ‘I’ll Take Falling Bridges for $500, Alex!’

Lobby Bar: An Irreverent Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views
Brexit as costume. Two days before the United Kingdom was scheduled to crash out of the European Union without a deal, the two parties came together and decided to stop the clock and schedule a party for Halloween.   Those coming as Brexiteers will undoubtedly tell others they must go, head towards the door, but actually never leave as the sign …

Lobby Bar – March 29: Snow White, Fake News, and ‘I’ll Take Time Zones for $200, Alex!’

Lobby Bar: We’ll Be Right Back After This Brief Commercial Break
This time we really mean it.  After being placed on life support several times since it attempted to sell itself to competitor Icelandair last November, Wow Air “suddenly” ceased operations (as one TV news network put it), stranding thousands of passengers who had no way to get home.  Need we say more?
But there’s more. Wow Air’s pilots are blaming the media …

Lobby Bar – March 1: Brexiters Running Wild, Dead Airlines Society, and ‘I’ll Take Train Parties for $100, Alex!’

Lobby Bar Adds Life
Code violation. Jonathan Spira reviews the new off Broadway National Yiddish Theatre production of “Fiddler on the Roof” at Stage 42 The show ran into a problem prior to its opening night in New York City, however, when the Building Department refused to issue a permit for the fiddler to actually be on the roof. It relented, however, when it Building Department headquarters was encircled by a …

Lobby Bar – February 22, 2019 – Bilious Pigeons, Y2K, and ‘I’ll take World Trade Center Trivia for $500, Alex!’

When All Else Fails, There’s Always the Lobby Bar
Lobby Bar Heaven. Jonathan Spira and Anna Breuer spend Friday morning in – what else – a make believe Lobby Bar set up by Hilton’s new brand of hotels, Signia Hilton, on the 68th floor of 3 World Trade Center. Hilton describes the new hotels as being “upper upper upscale” but not luxury. Uh huh. Sounds posh to us though.
Don’t forget! Paul …

Lobby Bar – February 15: Lady Chablis, King of the Road, and ‘I’ll Take Salvador Dali Airplanes for $250, Alex!’

Lobby Bar: At 60 mph, the Loudest Noise Comes from the Electric Clock
Can’t take the heat.  American Airlines is effectively moving 700 flight attendants from Phoenix to Dallas/Fort Worth.  Rumors at the company say the reason is that too many of the company’s airliners were melting in the hot desert sun, but that’s only a rumor.  In a cost saving measure, American booked flights for the attendants on Southwest Airlines and said …

Lobby Bar – February 1: Carol Burnett, British Apologists, and ‘I’ll Take Crazy Rich Norwegians for $100,000, Alex!’

Lobby Bar: An Irreverent Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views
We’re mad as dogs and not going to take it anymore.  American Airlines’ fleet is undergoing some major revisions in the next three years. The MD-80, known as the Mad Dog and once the mainstay of the airline’s fleet, is being retired.  The retirement came after the Society for the Prevention of Character Assassination of Canines asked the airline to
Flying …

Lobby Bar – November 16: Leg Men, Stooges in Cabinets, and ‘I’ll Take Floor Wax and Dessert Toppings for $200, Alex!’

Lobby Bar: So Clever You Won’t Understand a Word
Out of order. A video in China showing housekeepers at leading hotels using the same cloth to clean cups, glasses, sinks, and toilets was viewed over one million times. Several hotel general managers were quoted off the record saying, “We told them to clean the toilets first, goddamit!”
Send in the clowns. Just hours after the British cabinet approved the negotiated deal for …