Review: Schloß Elmau, The Bavarian Castle Hotel and Spa Hosting the G-7

It was only seven years ago that President Obama, German Chancellor Merkel, and other Group of Seven leaders gathered at a summit in the Bavarian Alps to discuss affairs of state that included sanctions against Russia.
While the roster of leaders may have changed, the topic of Russian sanctions remains on the agenda, and that country’s invasion of Ukraine will also be a topic of much conversation.
Nestled at the foot of …

International Travel Has Reopened: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Go Right Now

The reopening of international borders has given rise to family reunions and the activation of long-dormant travel plans to Europe but such trips come with a fairly large caveat: “Avoid travel” recommendations from Austria to the former Yugoslavia are now in place.
“Because of the current situation,” the CDC writes on its travel-advisory website, “even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading Covid-19 variants.”
The situation that the …

Photo Essay: Christmas Markets in Austria and Germany

Since most Christmas markets across the globe are dark this year amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the staff at Frequent Business Traveler wanted to celebrate the holiday by sharing photos from markets we visited in past years.
Indeed, just last year, we went to over a dozen markets on the Continent, including the Münchner Christkindlmarkt at Marienplatz and the Christkindlmarkt at Sendlinger Tor, both in Munich Germany; the Weihnachtsmarkt at Mirabellplatz and …

Keeping Europe’s Ski Slopes Open Gets a Frosty Reception in Some Quarters

“To ski, or not to ski,” that is the question that multiple European nations are asking themselves with the ski season just around the corner, as the coronavirus pandemic shows no sign of relenting. If you are in France, Germany, and Italy, the answer at the moment is the latter, but Austria and Switzerland have other plans in mind.
It’s a stark reminder that the first clusters of the coronavirus were …

Hamsters Beware! Grocery Stores Across the Globe Begin to Ration Toilet Paper Purchases as Covid-19 Cases Surge

Supermarket chains in various parts of the world including the Austria, Germany, the United States, and Great Britain are reimposing limits on a variety of quarantine-preferred items such as toilet paper, paper towels, and disinfectant wipes.  The stores are attempting to avoid the pandemic-induced hoarding of such items that was rampant in the spring as the number of new daily coronavirus cases surges across the globe.
A headline in the Austrian …

German Reunification 30 Years Later: The Story of How East German Citizens Were Freed from Tyranny

German Reunification 30 Years Later: The Story of How East German Citizens Were Freed from Tyranny

Thirty years ago on this day, West Germany and East Germany ended 45 years as a divided country and united to become a single nation.
The occasion, the New York Times, reported, was marked with “pealing bells, national hymns, and the jubilant blare of good old German oompah-pahs.”
German reunification, or Deutsche Wiedervereinigung, marked the point in time at which the Deutsche Demokratische Republik, or not-so-aptly named German Democratic Republic, colloquially known …

Germany Lifts Travel Ban to Other EU Countries and U.K.

Germany Lifts Travel Ban to Other EU Countries and U.K.

German Außenminister Heiko Maas said Wednesday that the country would lift its travel ban on 29 European countries, including Britain and Iceland, on June 15.
The ban, which was imposed on March 17, will be replaced with travel advisories, he said to reporters.
“We did not come to this decision easily,” Maas said in a statement, but he urged caution: “Travel advisories are not travel bans, and travel notices are not invitations …