Great Moments in Travel History – March 2015


The St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco opened on March 21, 1904.  Notable individuals including Theodore Roosevelt, Helen Keller, Woodrow Wilson, Charlie Chaplin, Ronald Reagan, and Queen Elizabeth II have all stayed at the California property, which is in operation today as the Westin St. Francis.
On March 10, 1910, William Boeing bought Heath’s Shipyard in Seattle, Washington.  The shipyard, located on the Duwamish River, would become Boeing’s first airplane factory.
Le Canard …

Lobby Bar – February 27: Invisible Airplanes, Constitutional Pollution, and Whose Bag is this?


Lobby Bar – A Politically Incorrect Summary of FBT News and Views
Misünderstüd. Join Jonathan Spira behind the wheel of the 2015 BMW X6 M for a first look at the mammoth SAV, a car that Spira insists is misunderstood. Next time you see an X5 M or X6 M, try to be a little empathetic and ask it how its day is going. Maybe it just wants to be friends.
‘Murrican …

Lobby Bar – February 20: Flights to Mount Doom, Roads Made of People, Gas Pains, and the Meaning of Love


Lobby Bar – A Deviously Deceptive Summary of FBT News and Views 
Technophobia.  If you were afraid Apple wasn’t controlling enough of your life, get ready for the rumored iCar, coming to a garage near you by 2020. One bug the Apple team can’t work out yet: the self-driving car will crash if it detects passengers with PC laptops or Android/Windows smartphones on board.
Sunday Night Live.  Late-night sketch show SNL has …

Delta Promises Checked Bags Will Be on the Carousel in 20 Minutes – or Else!

Delta Promises Checked Bags Will Be on the Carousel in 20 Minutes – or Else!

Delta Air Lines announced it will either reunite passengers with their checked bags within 20 minutes or pay the passenger a penalty in SkyMiles.
Starting Thursday, regardless of the destination within the United States and Puerto Rico, the Atlanta-based airline will offer the 20-minute guarantee, telling passengers they can “bag a bonus” if the airline slips up.
“We’re committed to providing you with reliable and on-time baggage service every time you fly,” …

Delta Apologizes for CEO’s 9/11 Remarks About Gulf Carriers

Delta Apologizes for CEO’s 9/11 Remarks About Gulf Carriers

Delta Air Lines apologized Wednesday for remarks made by its CEO about 9/11 and Gulf carriers earlier in the week.
In an interview with CNN discussing how Gulf carriers are benefiting from their governments’ financial support, CEO Richard Anderson connected those carriers and the tragic events of 9/11.
“It’s a great irony to have the UAE from the Arabian Peninsula talk about that, given the fact that our industry was really shocked …

Delta Shuttle First Class Flight 5939 New York LaGuardia – Chicago – Review


The storied Marine Air Terminal remains one of the easiest air terminals in New York City to both reach and get through although not all Delta Shuttle flights use it. The Delta Shuttle brand is used for the airline’s hourly shuttle service linking New York City with Logan International Airport in Boston, Reagan National near Washington, D.C., and O’Hare in Chicago, as well as between Los Angeles International and San …

Lobby Bar – February 6: Cooking in Bed, Cabins in the Sky, Sharing Briefs, and the iGrow Utility


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For an awkward time, call… Follow Jonathan Spira (the guy with the pink umbrella pointed at the sky) and he’ll show you the best things to do around London’s West End.  Just remember, in UK English, “West End” means “central” and if you’re dressing up for a special occasion, don’t ask to borrow pants from a friend.
Supersonic fares.  Despite it …