Copenhagen: Attractions

An Insider’s Guide to Europe in December: Copenhagen, Dublin, and Vienna Offer Handmade Gifts and Mulled Wine Along with the Holiday Spirit

The secret may be out: the best month to visit Europe is … December! Not only is the weather still relatively moderate, shops are festively decorated and open late, Christmas markets are everywhere, and the holiday season does far more than the European Commission to unify the region.
Indeed, it’s one of my favorite months of the year to spend there.
The pleasure of Europe in winter is learning about each country’s …

What’s Doing in Copenhagen

In a world where London, Paris, and Rome rule the European tourism landscape, the Danish city of Copenhagen is a hidden gem infrequently explored by travelers. København, which means “merchant’s harbor” in old Danish, is a picturesque, nautical location straddling the islands of Zealand and Amager. The city has numerous canals running through it and borders the Øresund strait on its eastern side.
Two aspects of Copenhagen that will strike visitors …