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Drone May Have Collided with British Airways Jet at Heathrow

Drone May Have Collided with British Airways Jet at Heathrow

A British Airways pilot believes his aircraft was struck by an errant drone while approaching London Heathrow.
BA Flight 727 from Geneva was at 1,700’ and preparing to land when an object believed to be an unmanned drone struck the front of the plane. The Airbus A320 landed safely with 132 passengers and five crew members on board, said Michael Johnson, a spokesman for the airline.
There was no damage to the …

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Thunderstruck. Paul Riegler puts the pedal to the metal in the 2016 Chevrolet Volt. The hybrid has a range of over 400 miles, 53 of which can be done solely on electric. To recharge the car, simply locate the nearest lightning storm and drive through, making sure to receive at least four direct strikes (holding a folded umbrella …

British Airways Club World Business Class London Heathrow – Seattle-Tacoma – Flight Review

BA JDL 49-1

Following an enjoyable weekend in London, it was time to return to Seattle. A friend dropped me off curbside at Heathrow’s expansive and impressive Terminal 5, and I quickly found an empty check-in kiosk. Security was a quick and uneventful affair, before striking out for British Airway’s sprawling main lounge.
The southern lounge, located in the main terminal, is several stories high and perhaps the largest in the airline’s system. The …

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Out and about. Allow Lobby Bar to break character for a moment: because of the attacks in Brussels, tourism in major European cities has dropped significantly, bringing hotel vacancy to new lows. We understand travelers’ concerns, but rather than let fear win, we encourage people to travel to these cities to show their bravery and support.
Notice: lost journalist. Jesse Sokolow hops …

British Airways Club Europe Business Class London-Heathrow – Copenhagen – Review


In the eight years that it has been open, I somehow have avoided flying out of London Heathrow’s Terminal 5, British Airways’ main terminal. That is, until now.
My flight from London to Copenhagen was going out of T5 and I was excited about finally flying in and out of it.
I arrived at T5 and stopped to admire the modern and efficient design while at the same time trying to figure …

British Airways to Offer First Class on London-San Diego Route

British Airways to Offer First Class on London-San Diego Route

British Airways announced it will begin operating a Boeing 777-300 on its route between London Heathrow and San Diego International Airport beginning March 27 of next year.  The aircraft is outfitted with four cabins, including a first-class cabin.
This will be the first time first class will be available on the carrier’s London-San Diego route.  Currently, British Airways operates a three-class 777-200 between the two cities.  The 777-300 will be able …

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Mown over. Over Labor Day weekend, gas prices fell to their lowest in 11 years, in some locations to under $2 per gallon. Research explains that the plummeting price of gasoline is largely due to the increased usage of more fuel-efficient vehicles, specifically gasoline-powered lawn mowers, which may top out at 15 mph (24 km/h) but achieve an astounding …