Photo Essay: Behind the Scenes at BMW of Manhattan


Autobahn Alley, the area in Manhattan around 11th Avenue in the 50s and the home of numerous temples to which the faithful come to pay homage, is thriving. Unlike in other cities, where more car dealerships were closing as opposed to opening, this replacement to Automobile Row, the stretch of Broadway that started in the West 50s that served as a home to long-forgotten brands such as Hornet and REO …

Lobby Bar – September 19: When Cows Fly, Utopian Cars, Internet Truth Serum, and Propositions in Envelope


The Lobby Bar – An Absolutely Crass Weekly Summary of FBT News and Views
Staying safe in Texas.  Join Karin Sun for a tour of Dallas (you know, that place in Texas where you always have layovers).  General tips include visiting the Texas School Book Depository building, hiding your I © Obama pin, pretending to be a cowboy for a day, and avoiding grassy knolls.
Safe until a data breach.  Apple’s newest …

BMW Debuts the 2015 2 Series Convertible

BMW Debuts the 2015 2 Series Convertible

MUNICH – The summer is about the leave in most parts of the northern hemisphere, but that didn’t stop BMW from introducing its newest convertible in the compact car segment. A few weeks ahead of its official launch at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, BMW officially announced the BMW 2 Series Convertible.
The 2 Series Convertible joins the 2 Series Coupé and the front-wheel drive 2 Series Active Tourer. The new …

Lobby Bar – September 5: Inclined to Recline, Admiral Ackbar Visits France, A Six Ton Boxing Match, and What Would Hamlet Do?


The Lobby Bar – A Deceptively Devious Weekly Summary of FBT News and Views
Can you top this?  The world’s oldest flight attendant, Robert Reardon, officially retired last week.  While it’s widely assumed that the man was using his job as an excuse for free trips, it’s more likely that Reardon was simply trying to obtain a new world record, which he did by a few months.  Months.  That’s like bidding …

The Official Guide to Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Volvo European Delivery Programs


Every year, thousands of travelers go to Europe and return with a larger-than-average souvenir: a brand new automobile. Indeed, since the 1960s, several hundred thousand Americans have visited Gothenburg, Ingolstadt, Munich, and Stuttgart with that goal in mind, mixing in a driving experience while taking in the local food, world-famous museums and art galleries, and the Gemütlichkeit of western Europe.
These tourists aren’t importing the cars themselves nor are they purchasing …

Lobby Bar – August 8: Kind Pandas, Proud Mountains, Naughty Tweets, and Apocalypse Food


The Lobby Bar – A Rather Silly Summary Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views
Please leave a message.  Jonathan Spira recounts a recent 40-minute Delta flight from Washington to New York, which was delayed for nearly three hours.  Despite his multiple attempts to contact Jesse, he couldn’t reach him for access to his time traveling machine.
Boy slang.  Join us for a ride in a BMW 535d to Bear Mountain.  …

5 Stories to Read This Weekend: August 2, 2014


As another weekend quickly approaches, we bring to you the most important highlights from the past week.  Don’t forget to take a look at these engaging and informative news and features before you head to the beach this weekend:
1.) Jonathan Spira paid a visit to the health-conscious Even Hotel Rockville in Rockville, Maryland, earlier this week.  Join Jonathan as he enjoys a tasty but nourishing breakfast, samples the hotel’s signature …