Apple Pay Now Available in Over 10,000 7-Eleven Stores

Apple Pay Now Available in Over 10,000 7-Eleven Stores

Apple Pay is now accepted at most 7-Eleven stores in the United States, the retailer said.
The stores will also accept Google Pay and it has added Apple Pay as a method of payment in its 7-Elevent Now app as well.
The move follows an announcement in July by Apple CEO Tim Cook that both 7-Eleven and CVS – an Apple Pay holdout – would begin to accept the digital method of …

Apple Pay to Launch in Germany and at CVS and 7-11 Stores

Apple Pay to Launch in Germany and at CVS and 7-11 Stores

Apple announced Tuesday that it plans to introduce its Apple Pay mobile payment and digital wallet service in Germany later this year.
The news was announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook during the company’s fiscal Q3 earnings call.
Cook also said that Apple Pay would be rolling out at CVS drugstores and 7-11 convenience stores although he did not specify a timeframe.
The service first became available in 2015 in the United States …

Review: Sonos One with Apple AirPlay 2 and Apple Homekit Support

Sonos became the first third-party company last week to support Apple’s AirPlay 2 standard when it issued an update for its Sonos One, Beam, Play:5, and Playbase speakers.
AirPlay 2 support means that it’s possible to speak to Siri (via an iPhone or iPad presumably) in order to control the Sonos device and adds support for multi-room playback as well as control by the iPhone’s Control Center.
While the Sonos …

A Traveler’s Guide to the Apple iPhone Health App

While Apple’s Health app is a dashboard to the user’s health data and everyday activity, many users never clicked on the app’s heart-shaped logo to open it. That’s unfortunate, especially for travelers, as the Health app can be a very useful tool.
Since its introduction in iOS 8 in 2014, it’s become more and more complex so here follows a brief guide to understanding and using it.
To begin, first open …

Traveler Alert: Apple iOS 11.3 Deprioritizes WiFi Calling on T-Mobile iPhones

The release of Apple’s iOS 11.3 mobile operating system has caused some difficulties for iPhone users on the T-Mobile network.
With iOS 11.3, the iPhone prioritizes the carrier’s LTE network over WiFi Calling when the signal is strong. It also turns on WiFi Calling by default (although it’s still advisable to ensure your E911 address in case you need to telephone for help in an emergency).
This means that the phone no …

Why Apple’s New Screen Time Feature Doesn’t Shock Me

Once Apple announced that it was introducing Screen Time, a new feature in its iOS 12 operating system for the iPhone and iPad, I was inundated with calls from researchers and journalists asking my opinion about both the feature and also the “surprising” findings people using the beta version were reporting.
As some of our readers know, I spent over a dozen years as chief analyst at Basex, a think tank, …

Apple CarPlay Now Offered in Over 400 Different Cars

Apple CarPlay is now available in more than 400 different car models, Apple said. The latest is the 2019 Subaru WRX, introduced last Thursday.
The new version of the WRX will support both CarPlay and its competitor, Android Auto, and makes the system available via a standard 6.5” touchscreen that is part of the automaker’s new Starlink infotainment system.
Apple CarPlay is an in-vehicle touch-based display interface that functions as …