4 Apple Watch Tricks You Didn’t Know About

Tell me where I put my iPhone!

Unlike the original or even the most recent iPhone, where I got up to speed in a matter of hours, having an Apple Watch is a continual learning experience.
Given its almost button free design and myriad functions, along with a processor that has more horsepower than a mainframe just a decade ago, many features remain hidden and generally unknown.
Here are some tricks that even those who have had the watch …

6 Good Reasons to Use an Apple Watch When Traveling


In some respects, the Apple Watch is a solution in search of a problem. When it comes to travel, however, it handily addresses several matters that make travel safer, more pleasant, and more convenient.
1.) Directions
Instead of pulling out your iPhone and looking like a lost tourist, the Apple Watch will give you step-by-step directions to your destination on your wrist, tapping it (using haptic) at every turn. Of course, one …

Volkswagen to Launch Platform Connected to Apple Watch

Volkswagen to Launch Platform Connected to Apple Watch

Volkswagen announced that its Car-Net platform will allow VW owners to use their Apple Watches to control a variety of functions in the vehicle.
Drivers will be able to remotely lock and unlock their car, view the status of their doors, windows, and sunroof, and honk the horn or flash the lights remotely.  Users can also find their parked vehicle with a map, and access walking or driving directions to the …

Apple Watch Review and Report: A Stylish Watch with Many Complications


Dick Tracy. That’s all I could think of when I made my first phone call with the new Apple Watch. Dick Tracy and his 2-Way Wrist Radio.
The Apple Watch is clearly a first generation device and, especially since Apple has packed in hundreds of new and updated features into it, there will be a steep learning curve both for users and the company as well.
Apple offers the watch in two …

Bowers & Wilkins A5 AirPlay Speaker – Review


Bowers & Wilkins, or B&W, is a British company known for its high-fidelity speakers. It has added consumer electronics to its product lineup, and one recent addition is the Apple AirPlay-equipped A5.
The A5 is an elegant black rectangular unit with metallic accents that houses twin 20W mid and low range speakers as well as twin 20W tweeters. Included is an egg-shaped remote that controls power as well as volume, play/pause …

JetBlue Introduces Apple Watch App

JetBlue Introduces Apple Watch App

JetBlue Airways announced JetBlue for Apple Watch.
The new app works in conjunction with Passbook functionality on the iPhone and offers a variety of features that can be used before, during, and after a flight.
Features include: glance screen, which includes flight information, terminal and gate information, and flight status, and allows for quick updates without launching the app; countdown screen, which displays flight and flight status information, as well as seat …

LoungeBuddy to Unveil Apple Watch App

LoungeBuddy to Unveil Apple Watch App

LoungeBuddy, makers of an eponymously-named travel app that locates and recommends airline lounges at specific airports based on user-defined criteria, announced plans to release an Apple Watch app.
The app, which will become available on Friday, April 24, will give users much of the functionality that is currently available in the company’s iOS and Android versions.
Features include profiles and information about lounges for which day passes may be purchased; a list …