Rumors of an Apple Electric Vehicle Intensify


Apple, notorious for being one of the most secretive tech companies, may be planning to build an electric vehicle that would become available by the year 2020.
The veil of secrecy was pierced last week when the Wall Street Journal ran a story about Project Titan, an EV project that hundreds of Apple employees are working on. Since then, news of Apple’s recruitment of automotive industry experts has surfaced and, according …

Lobby Bar – February 6: Cooking in Bed, Cabins in the Sky, Sharing Briefs, and the iGrow Utility


Lobby Bar – A Slightly Embellished Summary of FBT News and Views
For an awkward time, call… Follow Jonathan Spira (the guy with the pink umbrella pointed at the sky) and he’ll show you the best things to do around London’s West End.  Just remember, in UK English, “West End” means “central” and if you’re dressing up for a special occasion, don’t ask to borrow pants from a friend.
Supersonic fares.  Despite it …

Phone Expander iOS Space Saving App for iPhone and iPad – Review


Despite what Apple claims, 128 GB may simply not be enough.
If you are perennially running out of storage space on your iPhone or iPad, there may be a solution, a new Mac app called Phone Expander.
While the space problem has come to a head when performing upgrades (the release of iOS 8 highlighted the issue as thousands of users were told by their devices that they didn’t have enough free …

Apple’s iPhone Turns 8 Today


Eight years ago today, Apple unveiled the first ever iPhone.  At the launch event, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs told the audience: “Today, we’re introducing three revolutionary products… the first one is a wide-screen iPod with touch controls. The second is a revolutionary mobile phone.  And the third is a breakthrough Internet communications device.
“These are not three separate devices,” he told the audience at MacWorld, adding “This is one device and …

Lobby Bar – January 9: A Bite of Apple, Sunny and Subzero, Ultimate Hand Gestures, and Unconscious Flying


The Lobby Bar – A bizarre and mostly inaccurate Summary of FBT News and Views
Please fly. We’ll pay you. United is upset that you’re not taking free flights – so upset, in fact, that it is suing a 22-year-old web developer for $75,000 in tantrum compensation.
Good practice. Check out our tips on how to write better e-mail in 2015. Make sure to keep e-mail short and to the point, and sprinkle a …

Apple Sued Over Missing Storage Space on iPhones and iPads

Apple Sued Over Missing Storage Space on iPhones and iPads

The phone call to Apple tech support went something like this when the first iPhone 6 arrived at Frequent Business Traveler: “Hi. I’m setting up my new 16 GB iPhone 6 Plus but some of my storage seems to be missing. I only see that I have a total of 11.8 GB total.”
It turns out that others were wondering the same thing. A class action lawsuit filed on Tuesday alleges …

BMW to Debut ConnectedDrive In-Vehicle App and Services Store

BMW to Debut ConnectedDrive In-Vehicle App and Services Store

BMW announced it will launch the ConnectedDrive Store, an in-vehicle app and services store.  The store will launch in the spring of 2015.
ConnectedDrive Store will offer drivers the opportunity to purchase apps and services from within iDrive, the system used to control most secondary functions such as navigation and entertainment within the vehicle.
BMW is the first automaker to offer an in-vehicle store, which resembles app stores for Apple iOS and …