Apple iPhone T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling – Review and Report

Apple iPhone T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling – Review and Report

One of the features that iPhone users have missed out on in recent years was the ability of Wi-Fi Calling, the ability to place and receive phone calls using Wi-Fi to connect to a mobile operator when there was little or no signal available.
The capability, known as UMA or Unlicensed Mobile Access, has been available for years from T-Mobile for almost all phones, from BlackBerry to Android. Apple, however, refused …

Lobby Bar – October 24: Talking with Strangers, Unhappy Campers, and Forsaken Bodies of Water


The Lobby Bar – A Slightly Better-Than-Average Summary of FBT News and Views
Guys? It’s me, Bond. Jeremy Del Nero (that’s me!) dons a Moto 360 smartwatch in an attempt to become James Bond. While I can now shoot lasers out of my left wrist, I seem to be missing out on the hordes of women who should be throwing themselves at me.
Swapperoo. Paul Riegler goes on a Safari with Apple’s …

Apple Mac OS X Yosemite Review and Report

MacBook Pro with Yosemite and Safari 12

If perhaps you found a phone call unexpectedly ringing on your MacBook, there’s no cause for worry. You haven’t been hacked. It’s merely Apple’s new operating systems, iOS 8 and Yosemite, at work.
With Yosemite and iOS 8, the two operating systems can work together, something Apple calls “Continuity.” Indeed, what Apple now offers is the best realization of what the telecoms industry calls “unified communications.” This term, which has been …

Lobby Bar – October 10: A PB&J in Paris, the Twin Paradox, Superfuel, and Food From Above


The Lobby Bar – A Cheeky Weekly Summary of FBT News and Views
Size 18XL. Karin Sun takes us on a tour of Romantic, Shakespearean Verona, beginning in the Piazza Bra. The space is home to a number of shops and cafes, and not, as commonly believed, the world’s largest support undergarment for women. Historians later found out that such a bra does in fact exist, and belonged to the late …

Apple iPhone 6 Plus – Review and Report


The demand for the new Apple iPhone 6 existed long before the iPhone 6 Plus reached retail stores. Indeed, many colleagues lusted after it. The big 5.5” screen, larger capacity battery, optical image stabilization were all cited as factors. They are flying off the shelves in the lucky stores that managed to get inventory, given that Apple significantly underestimated demand. One T-Mobile store manager, who runs a busy store in …

Apple iPhone 6 One-Week Review and Report


The past week was undoubtedly quite busy at Apple as it began putting its new and larger iPhones in the hands of millions of customers on Friday. Apple said it received more than four million orders of for the new models, considerably more than the number of devices it had set aside for preorders. Lines continued at Apple stores around the country over the weekend.
While it’s too soon to pass …

5 Stories to Read This Weekend: September 20, 2014


It’s the last weekend of summer.  Naturally, it’s a good time to catch up on Frequent Business Traveler news and features that you may have missed over the past week.  Here are five stories that are worth adding to your reading list.
1.)  Paul Riegler takes an in-depth look at Apple’s new iPhone 6 and the new iOS 8 operating system.  Find out about Wi-Fi calling, credit card scanning, monitoring battery …