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American Airlines Chooses B/E Aerospace as Business-Class and Premium Economy Seat Supplier

American Airlines Chooses B/E Aerospace as Business-Class and Premium Economy Seat Supplier

American Airlines has selected B/E Aerospace as the supplier of its business-class, premium-economy, and coach seats for its new Airbus A350 aircraft as well as of the premium-economy seats in the airlines new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, which will go into service in August. It will also supply other business-class seats for the Fort Worth-based carrier’s long-haul fleet.
The seats for the Dreamliner will be manufactured by B/E Aerospace in Kilkeel, Northern …

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Ancient entertainment. American Airlines celebrated its 90th birthday last week by playing party games from 1926 – the year the airline was born. Join us for some rousing rounds of roll-the-wooden-hoop-down-the-street-with-a-stick while we use T9 texting with turn-of-the-century Nokia phones.
Boa constrictors. Here are five tips for traveling to Europe amidst the fog of recent terror attacks. Avoid standing out. …

American, Delta, Hawaiian, and United Apply to Operate Daytime Haneda Flights

American, Delta, Hawaiian, and United Apply to Operate Daytime Haneda Flights

American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, and United Airlines all submitted applications Thursday to the Department of Transportation to offer daytime service from the United States to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.
The move follows a new agreement between the United States and Japan that allows for more daytime flights to Haneda, an airport considered highly desirable because of its proximity to downtown Tokyo. The new agreement calls for five new daytime …

American, Alaska to Increase Codeshare Partnership

American, Alaska to Increase Codeshare Partnership

American Airlines announced that it plans to expand its codeshare agreement with Alaska Airlines later this month.
Starting April 28, American will place its code on 11 additional routes operated by Alaska Airlines, while Alaska will place its code on 127 American Airlines-operated flights beginning May 15.
Alaska flights with an American code will include service from Los Angeles to destinations such as Baltimore and Salt Lake City, as well as from Seattle …

American, World’s Largest Airline, Turns 90


Cue Miss Sophie and her butler, James: American Airlines, the world’s largest carrier, turned 90 Friday.
Robertson Aircraft Corporation of Missouri, a predecessor airline, took to the air on April 15, 1926, with pilot Charles A. Lindbergh at the controls of a DH-4 biplane.
While American was not the first to operate a scheduled flight (that honor belongs to competitor United Airlines), it was first in many innovations including the introduction of …

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Airborne danger. Paul Riegler stumbles across an American Airlines “Welcome Aboard” pamphlet from 1959. The pamphlet warns against the dangers of operating personal radios onboard the aircraft. Oh, and please feel free to smoke at any point throughout the flight.
My fair warning. Jonathan Spira heads to City Center to catch a rousing performance of “1776.” To …

Please Fasten Your Seatbelts and Turn Off Your Transistor Radios

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While much has changed in flying over the past hundred years, much has remained the same. While today‘s passengers, in most cases on most flights, are welcome to use their smartphones during taxi and in airplane mode or connected to in-flight Wi-Fi once airborne, it was not that long ago that passengers were told to keep them turned off once on board the aircraft.
Recently I came across a “Welcome Aboard” …