This publication and accura media group llc respect your right to privacy at all times This includes the time you spend with us here, on our  Web sites. We want you to be aware of how we handle information about your visit.

Statistics about your visit

As you browse the site, accura media group’s computer collects information about your visit, not about you personally. We monitor statistics such as:

  • How many people visit our site
  • How many people return to our site
  • Which pages people visit on our site
  • Where people were before they came to our site
  • The number of people who leave to visit another site mentioned on one of our sites

This information is collected on an aggregate basis. No personal information is associated with the statistics. For example, while we can determine that on a specific day the site had thousands of visitors, we do no know anything about those visitors in terms of e-mail address or any other personal data.

Different technologies are used to collect aggregate statistics. These may include: cookies and web server logs. Web server logs tell which pages are more and less popular in our site and where people were before they came to one of our Web sites. Cookies tell how many people visit accura media group Web sites, how many people return to our site, and what language preferences our users have.

These statistics are used to monitor traffic so we can effectively handle site capacity. The statistics also help us determine which parts of the site are most popular. With this information we can continually improve our Web sites to better meet the needs of clients and visitors.

Personal information you choose to share

Throughout the accura media group family of Web sites, you may have the opportunity to send messages, request information, complete surveys, and participate in discussions. If you choose to participate in any of these activities, you will be providing accura media group with some type of personal information about yourself.

In terms of personal information on accura media group Web sites, you can be assured that:

  • accura media group does not collect personal information from you unless you provide it to us.
  • If you do choose to provide us with personal information, accura media group does not share such information with any third party, unless you “opt in” allowing us to do so.