Great Moments in Travel History – July 2020

by Jesse Sokolow

Falling between June and August, July is the seventh month in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. It was named after the Roman general Julius Caesar as it was the month of his birth. Before that, it was known as Quintillis, or the fifth month of the ten-month Roman calendar.
The month is typically the start of the “dog days” of summer, a period of hot, humid, and uncomfortable weather. The ancient …

Why Indoor Dining is So Risky in the Age of Coronavirus

by Kurt Stolz

Over the past several days, we’ve seen state officials focus on one aspect of the reopening more so than any other that is causing the number of new coronavirus cases to spike: Indoor dining.
Restaurants face great challenges when they try to reopen their dining rooms. Ventilation systems can create complex patterns of airflow and keep viruses aloft.  As a result, simply spacing tables six feet apart, in line with current …

Europe Poised to Reopen Borders to 14 Countries, But Not to Americans or Russians

by Anna Breuer

After four months, the European Union is preparing to reopen its borders, but the list of countries whose citizens will be able to enter will be very short.
Fourteen to be exact.
The Committee of Permanent Representatives, which is comprised of the ambassadors of EU member countries to the bloc, agreed late Friday to allow citizens of Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, …

Milton Glaser, Who Designed ‘I ❤ NY’ Logo, Dies at 91

by Jonathan Spira

Milton Glaser, an American graphic artist known for work as varied as the “I ❤ NY” logo, a 1967 poster of Bob Dylan with psychedelic hair, and the creation of New York Magazine, died Friday in New York City.
Mr. Glaser was 91 and Friday was his birthday.
With wit and whimsy, Mr. Glaser modified the vocabulary if not the entire language of American design in his work in advertising, product design, …

What’s New in Apple CarPlay in iOS 14: Wallpaper, Camera Warnings, and EV Support

by Paul Riegler

Apple CarPlay has come a long way since its launch at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014.  Indeed, Apple, which at one point had designs on producing its own cars, has now almost fully penetrated the in-vehicle infotainment market: the Cupertino-based company says that CarPlay is now available on 97% of new automobiles sold in the United States and 80% elsewhere.
Virtually every car manufacturer supports it except for Tesla, which …

Apple Aims to Replace Car Keys with CarKey

by Kurt Stolz

CUPERTINO—At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference held Monday, the company best known for its iPod and iPhone devices said it wants the latter to replace the ubiquitous car key.
Apple, which at one point had designs on producing its own cars, now estimates that its CarPlay infotainment system is available in 97% of new vehicles sold in the United States and 80% worldwide.
Having successfully replaced automaker’s navigation systems and music players, …

Report from Cupertino – Highlights from the 2020 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

by Kurt Stolz

CUPERTINO—The 33rd Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, one of the most important vendor events of the year, kicked off on Monday, albeit in a virtual fashion. Apple uses the event to showcase the company’s newest operating systems and tools and augments it with in-depth sessions with Apple engineers and experts.
This year, however, was different.  The event, known colloquially as “Dub Dub,” took place on line and anyone could attend, developer or not.  …