A European’s Travel Guide to the United States

by Anna Breuer

While the European continent has its centuries-old history and traditions, the United States of America has a pioneering spirit that is reflected in much of the country and what a big country it is.
Indeed, to fly cross country from New York to Los Angeles or San Francisco takes about the same length of time as a transatlantic flight between New York and London.
To put the United States into perspective, think …

Travel Industry’s Message to Customers: Stay Home and Use Skype or Facetime

by Paul Riegler

VIENNA, Austria, April 1 — The American Society and Service of Travel Industry Companies (ASSTIC) returned to Vienna for its annual conference for the first time since 2013 to announce findings of an updated research report that, among other things, said that its members should encourage their best customers to stay home more and use videoconferencing.
ASSTIC is the largest association of travel industry executives in the world.
The study, conducted by …

Great Moments in Travel History – April 2018

by Anna Breuer

April is the fourth month of the Gregorian calendar and the first month of the year to have 30 days. It is commonly associated with spring and rain, as in the saying April showers bring May flowers. Known in Latin as Aprilis, the derivation of which is uncertain, the month is also associated with two major religious holidays that result in one of the busiest travel seasons of the year, …

Today is Good Friday and the First Night of Passover: Here is What’s Open and What’s Closed

by Paul Riegler

Today is Good Friday and, at sundown, the first day of Passover. The former marks Jesus’ crucifixion, the latter, the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt.
Neither is as widely observed as a federal or state holiday: relatively few offices close and most people simply go to work.
The two holidays do coincide with the start of spring recess at many public and private schools throughout the United States, so students get a break.
Here’s …

New York Auto Show 2018: Hail the SUV, but Plug in the Mini

by Jonathan Spira

NEW YORK — The auto industry is showcasing dozens of new cars this week at the New York International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center. The show, which dates back more than a century and was previously held at the New York Coliseum, the old Madison Square Garden, and the Grand Central Palace, will run through April 8.
Prior to the show’s official opening to the press, BMW’s Mini unit …

Traveling to Cuba in 2018? Here’s What You Need to Know

by Paul Riegler

Whether you’ve been inspired by Ernest Hemingway or merely see yourself touring La Habana Vieja, Old Havana, in a classic 1950s Buick convertible, travel to Cuba is now possible and relatively simple to undertake, despite restrictions put into place last year by the Trump administration.
While the most popular category of travel, so-called “people-to-people” visits, is no longer an option and clearly dampened enthusiasm, there remain 12 categories that make travel …

Despite Dropouts, Competition for Cuba Flights Remains Strong

by Anna Breuer

While the tightening of travel restrictions to Cuba for American citizens has dampened enthusiasm, adventurous travelers can still visit the island nation and may continue to travel independently.
While several airlines have given up on service to Cuba, carriers are still in some cases adding additional flights, albeit more strategically than a year ago when the floodgates opened up.
As part of the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two nations, the …