Boeing 747: Now On Final Approach

by Jonathan Spira

When the Boeing 747 was first placed into service in 1970 with launch customer Pan American World Airways, I didn’t have long to wait to fly in one. My parents were far from aviation enthusiasts but frequently flew on Pan Am. I cut my teeth as a child on the Boeing 707 so it was just a matter of time before I ended up on a Pan Am 747-100 exploring …

Lobby Bar – October 13: Plane-Sharing, Moving Christmas, and 5-Star Living Rooms

by Jeremy Del Nero

Lobby Bar – Almost Certainly Full of Alternative Factoids
This time it’s personal. We stay at hundreds of hotels around the world each year, and for your convenience we compiled the ten most impressive must-visit properties into the 2017 Frequent Business Traveler Centurion List. This year’s list introduces Jesse’s Estate, a one-room gem located off of Jesse’s kitchen in his Los Angeles apartment, replete with running water, a charmingly creaky fold-out …

Delayed Fall Foliage Season Arrives with Promise of Color

by Anna Breuer

Many parts of the Northeast United States including New York and New England will experience peak foliage conditions in the coming week as the extended summer season begins to come to a close. This means it’s time for a fall foliage drive or weekend getaway to see the colors.
Trees throughout the region continued to take advantage of some unseasonably warm temperatures to keep the chlorophyll in their leaves green the …

The 2017 Frequent Business Traveler Centurion List: The 10 Best Hotels in the World

by Paul Riegler

Sometimes a hotel just isn’t merely a hotel, just like a flight isn’t just a flight or a city isn’t just another city.
They are special places that we want to return to again and again. In our opinion, they are the best of the best, from sprawling estates to classic old-world hotels in town, from airlines that treat you as a welcome guest to plays and musicals that you simply …

Review: ‘Prince of Broadway’ at Samuel J. Friedman Theatre

by Jonathan Spira

Harold Prince, a theatrical producer and director with 21 Tony Awards and who is associated with many of the best-known and most successful Broadway shows of the 20th century, is far too big a persona to be portrayed by just one actor. Indeed, it takes an entire ensemble to portray him.
In “Prince of Broadway,” a retrospective of his life, every cast member takes a turn portraying Mr. Prince wearing a …

Lobby Bar – October 6: Pumpkin Spiced iPhones, Michael Moore Sings Opera, and How to Steal From Google

by Jeremy Del Nero

Lobby Bar – The Fifty-First State of the Union
Pumpkin apple pie. Paul Riegler puts through the paces the new and improved CarPlay included in iOS 11, which adds important features such as lane guidance and speed limit info. Keep in mind, however, that the new version is only compatible with Apple’s fall collection of pumpkin spiced iPhone 8 devices.
More Moore. Take a seat next to Jonathan Spira at the Belasco Theater …

Apple iPhone 8 Plus versus iPhone X: Which iPhone Is For Me?

by Anna Breuer

In September, Apple unveiled two new models of its vaunted iPhone smartphone, namely the iPhone X (pronounced 10) and the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. The former is not just another iPhone, it’s the most radical design of the line since Steve Jobs spoke of combining an iPod, a phone, and a computer in one device ten years earlier, while the latter is likely to be the final model with …