How to Practice Safe Computing Using Public Wi-Fi and Avoid ‘Evil Twins’

by Jeremy Del Nero

In travel – as in real life – not everything is as it appears.  The free Wi-Fi hotspot you just logged into in the hotel lobby to read your e-mail, conduct your banking, or read the news wasn’t necessarily a nice amenity provided by the hotel.  In fact, it might have been operated by the well-dressed gentleman sitting beside the potted palm.
While you caught up on social media and e-mail, …

Tokyo Motor Show’s ‘Open Future’ Highlights EVs and Wild Concept Cars

by Anna Breuer

The biennial Tokyo Motor Show is a showcase of the automobile industry’s wish list for futuristic technology, and was the first Tokyo show without a major figure in the Japanese auto industry, former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, who was arrested in 2018 for financial misconduct, a charge he has denied.
Held at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center on the shores of Tokyo Bay, the show opens to the public on …

Review: ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ at Westside Theater

by Jonathan Spira

Theatergoers may flock to “Little Shop of Horrors” – a doo-wop musical based on Roger Corman’s low-budget horror movie about a flower shop assistant who cultivates a plant that feeds on human blood – to see the tantalizing combination of Jonathan Groff, Christian Borle, and Tammy Blanchard on stage, but the real star is the set of four puppets that portray Audrey II, the carnivorous plant.
Michael Mayer’s splendid revival of …

Today is Information Overload Day: Here’s How to Regain Control

by Jonathan Spira

This story was originally published on Information Overload Day in 2018. It is being reprinted with updates in commemoration of Information Overload Day 2019.
Do a search on the term “Information Overload” and what follows will be nothing less than Information Overload, over 3.5 million search results that provide conflicting definitions and descriptions and a fire hose of information.
Come to think of it, this aptly defines the issue.
The problem of Information …

Flight Review: American Airlines Premium Economy London Heathrow-New York JFK

by Paul Riegler

“This is real luxury,” a precocious ten-year-old said to his brother and parents as he lovingly stroked the leather armrest of an adjacent seat in American Airlines’ new Premium Economy cabin and fiddled with the easy-to-open tray table, all this after he had already passed through, and apparently ignored, the jetliner’s business-class cabin, replete with fully lie-flat seats and privacy panels, on his way to the back.
After a quick Heathrow …

Don’t Be a Smartphone Zombie!

by Jeremy Del Nero

A new term is creeping into the urban vernacular.  Smartphone zombies – pedestrians who are engaged far more with their smartphones than with their surroundings – are cropping up everywhere.
While the term was not yet in use, the phenomenon was noted by FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira in his book “Overload! How Too Much Information Is Hazardous to Your Organization,” referring to “distracted walking” as one of multiple issues caused …

Study: Pedestrian Detection Tech Works, but Has a Long Way to Go

by Paul Riegler

A new study found that, as pedestrian fatalities are increasing dramatically, driver-assistance technology designed to detect and avoid pedestrians has made significant technological gains.
The study, conducted by the Automobile Association of America, found that these systems, which incorporate automatic emergency braking, still have a long way to go to reliably detect people in the path of an automobile.
The non-profit tested four 2019 model-year cars – a Chevrolet Malibu, a Honda …