Great Moments in Travel History – September 2019

by Jesse Sokolow

September marks the start of the meteorological autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and the meteorological spring in the Southern.  The month gets its name from the Latin word for seven, septem. It was the seventh month in the oldest known Roman calendar in which March was the first month.
In Charlemagne’s calendar, September was called the “harvest month,” and it is called Herbstmonat in Switzerland to this day.
After January and February were …

Beware the Apple iCloud Phone Phishing Scam

by Anna Breuer

Scammers have a new and improved way to fool people.  A new phone-based phishing scam spoofing Apple’s official support number is likely to take a lot of people by surprise and result in those being called providing the scammers with sensitive information.
The call mimics an official Apple support call, displaying Apple’s logo, Cupertino address, and real toll-free number (800 692-7753).  This is the same number, displayed as 800 MY-APPLE, when …

Monday Is Labor Day: Here’s What’s Open and What’s Closed

by Jeremy Del Nero

Monday is Labor Day in the United States, a holiday that honors the labor movement in the United States and marks the meteorological end of summer.
Trade unions first proposed a holiday that recognizes the contribution that workers have made to the prosperity and well being of the country. Oregon was the first state to recognize the holiday, in 1887, and, by the time it became a federal holiday, 30 states had …

5 Tips for Surviving a Major Storm or Hurricane When Traveling

by Jesse Sokolow

It isn’t only just a headline. Monster storms, such as hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons, are affecting more people in more places in a shorter period of time than has been the case in the past. They wreak havoc in their path with punishing winds and torrential rains and finish with dangerous storm surges.
Travelers are particularly vulnerable.
The 2019 hurricane season, which started on June 1, has already resulted in countless delays, …

Al Haynes, United Pilot Who Saved 184 Lives in 1989 Crash, Dies at 87

by Paul Riegler

Al Haynes, a United Airlines pilot who saved the lives of 184 people by guiding his damaged aircraft into an emergency landing near an Iowa airport, died at a Seattle-area hospital at the age of 87.
United Flight 232 was en route from Denver to Chicago on July 19, 1989, when the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 lost all hydraulic power after the aircraft’s rear engine exploded.
Using the trijet’s two remaining engines – …

2019 Frequent Business Traveler Labor Day Gift Guide

by Anna Breuer

While it may feel like summer outside, Labor Day is just around the corner. There’s still time to bask in the sun, enjoy a bike ride or hike, and cool off in the pool, but fall will soon be upon us.
Whether you’re planning a big end-of-summer escape or a quick weekend trip, you’ll want to be prepared.
Here are our top picks for everything from sandals to digital travel watches to coffee …

Restaurant Review: Intersect by Lexus, New York City, A Shrine to Automotive Gastronomy

by Jonathan Spira

Dining in a temple devoted to the automobile is usually devoted to just that, the car, with the food as somewhat of an afterthought.  The experience of sitting down to a meal at, for example, the BMW Welt’s Bavarie or Bertha’s Restaurant at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, has always been a satisfying experience, but the car is clearly the star.
BMW was the first, spending €500 million ($562 million) to develop the …