Lobby Bar – June 9: Portable Fireplaces, Bring Your Own Restaurant, and Why Muggles Hate the Theater

by Jeremy Del Nero

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Something missing. Join Jonathan Spira and Jeremy Del Nero at Upper Story, a restaurant by Charlie Palmer. Upper Story is a new concept: BYO restaurant. What started with us bringing our own coffee creamer and dessert and has since evolved into a full-fledged operation that requires dining guests to bring their own tables, chairs, and napkins as …

Short Stay: W Seattle – Hotel Review

by Jesse Sokolow

On a rainy Seattle afternoon, a doorman smilingly held the door for me as I walked into the W Seattle, glad to be out of the infamous Pacific Northwest weather, and I immediately found refuge from the dreary outdoors and was warmed by the lobby’s ambiance.
A large, circular fireplace was at the center of the Living Room, as W calls it, and guests were enjoying its warmth and the comforts …

Restaurant Review: Upper Story by Charlie Palmer, New York City

by Jonathan Spira

The show windows that line the corridor on the ground floor of the Decoration and Design Building on Third Avenue in Manhattan tell the story: 18 floors filled with showrooms with furniture of all shapes and sizes for a wide variety of tastes. Upon entering you’d think you might even be in the wrong building. However, do proceed up to the 14th floor, where you’ll find Upper Story, a quiet, …

Review: ‘Puffs’ at Elektra Theatre

by Blaise Buckley

Can’t wait for “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child” to make its way to the Great White Way next year? No need to fret as there’s currently a play off-Broadway called “Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic” that is sure to delight any fan of the Harry Potter franchise. So if you find yourself anxious to see Harry Potter on stage, you don’t …

Six Great Getaways for Your Summer Holiday: From Hawaii to London to the German Alps, It’s Time to Make Plans

by Jesse Sokolow

Memorial Day has come and gone, and this can only mean one thing: summer is officially here. Along with longer days, picnics and barbeques, and warmer – in some places, much warmer – weather, the arrival of summer also marks the beginning of the summer travel season.
The question remains though – where to travel? Where to take that well-deserved vacation? Where to go if you’re single, where to go if …

Lobby Bar – June 2: Land-locked Cars, Reach for the Stairs, German Audiophiles, and Vanity Airlines

by Jeremy Del Nero

The Lobby Bar – An Apathetic Anthology of Travel News and Reviews
Alt-auto. Jonathan Spira calls shotgun in the 2017 Lincoln Continental. The auto ended up being one of Mr. Spira’s favorite cars to drive, but as its name implies, it cannot leave the continental United States. To drive in Hawaii, Alaska, or other U.S. territories, drivers will need to purchase the Lincoln Non-Contiguous-Far-Away-States edition of the vehicle.
To the stairs! Join …

Today is National Doughnut Day: Get Yer Free Donuts at Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme

by Paul Riegler

Friday is National Doughnut Day, a holiday established in 1938 to honor the “lassies” of the Salvation Army who served doughnuts to soldiers during the First World War.
To celebrate, many U.S. doughnut shops offer free deep-fried torus-shaped pieces of dough to their customers.
Doughnuts are a pop-culture staple, with prominent guest appearances in films and television shows. There’s even a show, “Superior Donuts,” set in a doughnut shop. And what would …