Heathrow Express: London Heathrow to Paddington Station – Review

by Paul Riegler

Over the years, I’ve typically found the Heathrow Express to be the fastest and most comfortable way of getting to Central London.
After arriving on an American Airlines flight from New York at what I assumed was the quiet hour of 10 a.m., I stopped at AA’s arrival lounge for breakfast as I had decided to sleep on the plane, and then headed over to Heathrow Central, the train terminal located …

A Conversation with Frequent Traveler Laurie Haspel, CEO of Haspel Clothing

by Jonathan Spira

The seersucker suit has been considered the mainstay of a gentleman’s summer wardrobe, tracing its origins back to its introduction by Joseph Haspel Sr. in 1909. Today, Laurie Haspel Aronson, Joseph Haspel’s great-granddaughter, is CEO of Haspel Clothing, which is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
As a long-time aficionado of seersucker – the thin, puckered, all-cotton fabric is the perfect way to dress well in warmer climes – I was pleased …

Lobby Bar – January 26: Sampling Your DNA, Motorized Slippers, Fake IDs, and the Ground is Lava

by Jeremy Del Nero

Lobby Bar – What Happens at the Lobby Bar Stays at the Lobby Bar
Sponsored by the NSA. Join the discussion: is the mobile passport app faster than global entry? Really, you should all be using the passport section of the FBT app, which lets you prick your finger and place a drop of blood into the charging port of your device.  Our systems will then analyze your DNA and retrieve a …

Is Your State’s Driver’s License Ready for Travel? Here Is An Update on Real ID Rules

by Anna Breuer

If you recently noticed a sign near the TSA security checkpoint portending that federal agencies would soon discontinue accepting driver’s licenses issued by certain states, it wasn’t a mistake: just blame the Real ID Act of 2005.
One item generating an inordinate amount of buzz is this sentence on the Department of Homeland Security’s website:
“Starting January 22, 2018, passengers with a driver’s license issued by a state that is still not …

Shades of Ada Quonsett: Stowaway Flies on BA from Chicago to London

by Paul Riegler

While Ada Quonsett merely tried to fly from Chicago to Rome on the fictitious Trans Global Airlines in the movie “Airport,” her real-life counterpart, Marilyn Hartman, made it from Chicago to London last week.
Like Mrs. Quonsett, Ms. Hartman was a habitual stowaway and trespasser who has flown from San Jose to Los Angeles and from the Twin Cities to Jacksonville. She was apparently a regular at Chicago O’Hare International Airport …

Review: Is the Mobile Passport App Better than Global Entry?

by Jonathan Spira

Mobile Passport, available on both Apple iOS and Android platforms, is a relatively new app, introduced just a little over a year ago.
The app works by supplying arriving international travelers with a QR code after having them fill out an app-based copy of an electronic customs declaration form.
In some respects, it sounds strikingly similar to Global Entry, but it may be faster to clear passport control than Global Entry given …

U.S. Government Shutdown: Here’s What’s Open and What’s Closed

by Anna Breuer

Today, Saturday, is the first day of the U.S. government shutdown, an action that came after a failure to pass relevant legislation funding government operations and agencies.
This shutdown, however, should be a little more friendly to tourists than the prior shutdown in 2013 thanks to numerous exemptions that were put into place after that took place.
While most federal agencies are closed on the weekend, most national parks will remain open, …